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    More Yadav votes polled in UP. Whats going to happen?

    There has been hectic political overtures happening in Uttar Pradesh as the state goes for polls in phases, each phase is bringing the nightmare for the parties as the vote percentage is more this time and Yadavs came in big numbers to cast their votes and it created the feelings that SP is gaining in the second phase. There are also reports that Yadavs are overwhelmingly supporting the BJP this time. Whatever it is UP elections has been creating ripples among the parties because this election would set the agenda for the national elections to be held in few months from now.
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    The elections in UP are important one and they are attracting the attention of people all over the country. Earlier the votes of Yadav community very channelized to the Samajwadi party. But during the last few years the Yogi government has exposed many criminals and evil elements in the society who are in one way or the other being linked to the Samajwadi party and its leaders. This has created a big question in the minds of even some of the persons in Yadav community whether they should continue to vote for the Samajwadi party or not. The improvement in the administration is so conspicuous that it is difficult to ignore that. So practically the experts say that there is a fraction of Yadav community which may fall to other parties instead of voting for their usual Samajwadi party. If it happens then the other parties will be definitely benefited by it. The main beneficiary in this case seems to be BJP only.
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    I think the general opinion that emerges out of TV interviews etc. is that BJP may retain power though the number of seats may shrink a bit. It is really a fierce battle and its outcome will certainly have repercussions for the next general elections. That is why it seems to be a do or die situation. The BJP, being in power, has certainly an edge over others and their perception about improved law and order in the State is going well with the public. Elections are won or lost on one or two burning issues. The real issues are overshadowed by these burning issues. The social engineering done by the ruling party certainly seems to be bring desired results. Even Yadav votes seem to be divided and in no-way Samajwadi party will be attracting all the Yadav. The situation in the Yadav family itself explains this division.

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    It is very difficult to understand the mentality of the voters. In AP during the last assembly elections, the voting percentage was very high. All the parties thought that will be an advantage for them. But it was proved to be an advantage for a single party only.
    Going by the reports and some TV channels, the increase in the percentage of Yadavs going for voting is an indication that they are happy with the present ruling party and their administration. So they are somehow managing time and going for voting and many feel it will be a positive point for the ruling BJP.
    Many people are having an impression that the las and order situation in the state improved a lot in this state. Ladies from other religions are also feeling happy with the present government. Going by all these points that we hear, I feel chances are better for BJP this time also. Let us wait and see.

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    Since the elections are held in many phases, the pulse of the voters cannot be understood.
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