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    What are the advantages of becoming a Gold Member after reaching 1000 points?

    I have been advised by the senior members of this forum whenever I wanted some assistance from them and I thank them once again for always replying to my queries. Now, a new request from me to you. I have been posting some contents only on Forum because I do not know why my articles do not get published and sometimes they get rejected. After I started as Niharikha I had taken part in story writing competition but I never got even a little bit of recognition which makes me wonder has my writing skills gone down all of sudden. For the past fifteen days I have been posting in the Forum section which is only accessible to me and helping me to gain points fast. I will continue to post only in Forum till I reach 1000 points and see what happens then. Sorry for opening thread in the Forum because I cannot even send or receive messages on my Profile neither to the members nor to the Editors.
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    Membership levels are nothing but your tryst with this site writing content wise and nothing more. The more you write, you go up the ladder acquiring gold, diamond, platinum and so on. But you will surely gain the confidence of writing proficiently, without fear, and by now you are also becoming expert to say answers in the ask expert section. By the way once you become gold member, try to write articles and minimum 6 approved articles would make you eligible to have adsense account. Once that is achieved. all the writings to this site would start earning and you can even associate your past account with the new adsense account. One thing is sure, making money is not that easy, but once you get the niche of writing great articles, then the earning spree would be fast, you will also be earning monthly revenue share bonus.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you Mr. Mohan for the prompt reply and I will follow your instruction to the maximum extent. By continuing to write, I get happiness by using new vocabulary and try writing complex and compound sentences also which are considered to be better writing skills. Of course, in addition to writing articles and posting your views , I can also get some revenue which is also good for me.

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    There is no relation between your membership level and accepting or rejecting the articles. Rules and regulations will be the same for all the members to submit an article. Any member can submit an article and there is no rule that only Gold level members have to submit articles. Articles will be reviewed and due action will be taken based on the quality of the article but not on the membership level of the author. Another point is that there is no relation between your membership level and your participation in competitions. Again no weightage will be given to higher-level members in announcing the winners. Again only quality matters, I think.
    Once you are becoming a Gold level member, you will be fulfilling one of the 5 points that are to be satisfied to get approval for Adsense. As a Gold member, you may be allowed to send a minimum number of Emails also I think. So don't think of membership level. Go on contributing and things will fall in line over a period of time.

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    Thank you Dr.Rao for your suggestion and I will follow the same in future.

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    Due to the deficiency in the profile of a member or not adhering to the policies of the site or some other important reason it is possible that a member may not get access to all the sections. So he or she will have to remain confined to the allowed sections till after a stipulated time the person is allowed to work everywhere.
    Many members have participated in 200 to 300 contests but they were able to get awards may be only 30-40 times or even less. This is a very rough estimate and can vary but I am giving it to understand the fundamental premises of award winning.
    One can go through the existing articles (preferably recent) and benchmark one's articles against them and can understand the reason for rejection or revision.
    ISC is a site where the biggest advantage is to learn and improve and some pocket money also comes as a by product. I hope this may explain or answer some of the points raised in your post.

    Knowledge is power.

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