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    Gender neutral uniforms in school

    Wondering if gender-neutral uniforms for school children would decrease gender neutrality among female students and those of queer communities? Participate in this unique discussion.

    Why should students follow gender-neutral uniforms in school? Does it allow students to not be of any specific gender identity and boycott gender stereotypes? Does it diminish gender inequality-facing students mainly girls and those of queer communities?
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    I guess gender-neutral dress is a very good step and should be promoted everywhere. It will stop the constant moral policing of clothes of girls and women because be it a skirt, be suit, or sweaters girls are often pinpointed at school and called by discipline teachers, dress regulators or sports teachers. Length of skirts might be instigating for a man around, dupatta's on suit not placed very well is an invocation for a man with bad gaze, despite girls having no mistake they are constantly nagged about this morality of society around them whereas boys don't have such moral obligation. Even at my school, our vice principal ma'am used to nag girls for the length of skirts. It still goes on as women and men at school whom we call teachers are often bounded by their prejudice as well.
    Other than that it will definitely reduce the constant gaze of lecherous people and sexual predators of children and here I am saying reduce not annihilate because boys also are victims of such abuses.
    It will bring uniformity as well because often all the codes and conduct, injunctions related to religions are imposed on women only. So in my opinion it is definitely a good idea because I as teenagers have observed and felt that moral policing of teachers despite not even knowing the meanings of the moral lecture they associated with clothes.

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    Gender neutral uniforms for students in the school, new thought and new approach to the existing controversy raging the country. In fact there was no issue on regular uniforms till now and after the recent issues on Hijab and the controversy surrounding around it and even courts also prevented wearing selective dress to the classes and that determines preferential treatments, what the author suggested a neutral uniform for both gender would be the answer to the crisis. Now how best the new uniform as such would be decided has to be seen and implemented. The Ministry of Education at New Delhi should convene the meeting of state education ministers and arrive as a neutral uniform design so that both genders would not have any problem what so ever. The color scheme should not represent any religion or political parties.
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    Yes, common school uniforms for boys and girls in different educational institutions can be a great tool for eliminating gender inequality.
    In our country, Kerala is described as the most educated and progressive state. And Kerala is the only state in India that has so far been able to achieve 100% signature. They have decided to wear the same uniforms for boys and girls in high school. I think it's going to be part of a huge change. But the new uniform did not find acceptance among conservative Muslim groups. They say their children are being "forced" to wear new clothes. A section of society is protesting where the new system is being used to reduce gender bias.

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    Schools have enforced wearing of uniforms to students so that all the students will be treated equally by the teachers and the management staff. This question has made me wonder will it ever happen though it sounds good. Young minds gets influenced easily by whatever is happening around them and get very much confused and worried.Therefore , I feel as the pandemic is almost gone and students are happy to go back to school, let them continue wearing the same uniforms they had been wearing and concentrate on their studies.

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    It is a good idea. This will close the discussion about the dress code of the female students. Pants and shirts can be the common uniform to all students of all classes. Then nobody will have any need to talk about the dressing method of the girls while attending classes. But it should be the same irrespective of the caste or religion of the student. No exemptions should be allowed.
    Many times people talk about girls and their way of dressing and that is leading to unnecessary controversies. This attention towards clothes should go away. In order to achieve that gender-neutral uniforms will be a good way. Girls may not have the choice of wearing different types of dresses when the style of dress is prescribed in the schools. They have to follow whatever is decided. There will be no matter to discuss further on that subject.
    The discrimination may also come down if the dress code is the same for boys and girls.

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    Gender neutral uniform is definitely a good idea and if it is implemented it would be a great step towards the objective of achieving gender equality. Once it is achieved at the school level then it creates a base in the minds of the students for following it throughout their lives. Unfortunately in our country there are some people who due to religious, social, or political reasons and sometimes due to the hidden vested interests oppose anything that brings national discipline or order. Some shrewd and crooked politicians also add fuel to fire and create disturbances in the establishment of the rules and regulations in schools or educational institutions.
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    It is rather a good idea to implement the neutral dress code for both the genders. Anyway let us see when the same will come into force. However, we are aware of people's reactions in our country. Despite the merits of such dress codes, some politicians would try to find faults with the new dress mode and if that happens, there will a great turbulence creating disturbance in the entire country. Unless we change the mentality of the politicians, no dress code will work effectively. We should allow the politicians to have a sitting relating to the dress code where they will accept the new norm of dress code without any disagreement.

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    Gender-neutral uniforms are not going to make any difference. It is only an idea worth trying as it will give some free movement to girls. A Government Girls Higher Secondary School in Balussery, Kozhikode, introduced a "gender-neutral" uniform, the same purple trousers and striped white-and-blue shirt. The girls are now wearing the same dress like boys. By nature, the gender difference is there. It will be there as long as humanity survives. No one can change it. Making the boys and girls wear the same type of uniform is not going to make any change.

    The change should come in the thinking of the boys, girls, and the general public. One should develop a mindset that both the boys and girls are of different gender, they are all human beings first and then only a boy or girl. One should learn to appreciate the difference between the genders and accept them as equals. One should learn to respect each other but not discriminate. These new ideas like gender-neutral uniforms are a trial but in the end, they make no diference.

    Sex education is a must and both boys and girls should know about their body, how it functions, and to keep them clean. At the same time, their minds also should be clean. The understanding of each other's physical aspects in a scientific manner is the only answer.

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    I am not aware of any problems or complaints by the students and the teachers about the school uniforms so I am unable to understand the whole concept of gender-neutral clothes. KVRR has rightly mentioned in the reply @#752687 that the gender difference will always be there and the topmost goal should be to stop the discrimination and not the difference. A girl will always be a girl and a boy will always remain a boy. Schools have their own uniforms and authorities keep a watch on the students whether they are wearing the uniforms correctly. Nobody goes to school in a dress of her/his choice and the discrimination is not because of the clothes a girl wears. Rather, it's because of a mindset of certain sections that give rise to discrimination. The differences in the physical structure between a woman and man will be there and it is always advisable to make the children aware of this difference at the earliest. Without addressing the main issue, it will further complicate the problem.

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