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    It is more difficult to defend freedom than to gain it

    No one wants to live in a subjugated way, so everyone tries their best to fight for freedom through a bloody war. The war did not end soon after independence came at the cost of many precious lives, the war for maintaining independence began. I think it's harder to defend it than it is to gain independence. Because in the war of independence the enemy is marked which can be fought against, and in the defense of freedom it is also difficult to identify the enemy. Because it is not possible to know who is the real enemy of the country and who is the friend. They are engaged in activities as enemies of the country under the guise of patriotism. Therefore, the enemies inside the independent country and the enemies outside can create unrest inside the country and they can also destroy the independence. So it is more difficult to protect the same from various unknown faces than to achieve it. What do you think?
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    The best example to this post can be cited as Ukraine has been experiencing war threats from Russia and unfortunately no big powers are able to stop the thinking of Moscow to attack Russia. Ukraine has been Independent and enjoying the freedom and when Russia invades it the freedom is lost and cannot be gained. When Iraq invaded Kuwait some years back, there was big uproar and ultimately US has to intervene and the Iraqi President was killed. And without ascertaining the conditions and their rights of the people, the nations decide on the invasion and even the UN which is bound to safeguard each country from invasion is keeping quiet. So what the author said is right, as it is more difficult to defend a country with freedom than to gain it. One has to see what will unfold in the future on Ukraine issue.
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    It is very true. There is a saying in Telugu that means that catching a thief who is within the house is very difficult. In our country, all people and all parties say that they are patriots only. But we don't know really who is the real patriot. As mentioned by the author when the enemy is identified we know how to face him. We know what are the strengths of the enemy ad what are the weaknesses and based on that we can make a plan of action. But when the enemy is in the guise of a patriot, we don't have any way to identify him. Sustaining the obtained freedom is very difficult.
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    A very nice post raised by the author bringing out the importance of maintaining and defending our freedom throughout the development process through which a country is progressing ahead. There will be internal and external forces which will create problems for the attainment of progress and prosperity of the country and it is a tough task for any government to deal with such elements. When enemy is known but is present within us then it becomes more difficult to tackle and defeat it. Actually it is like cancer in our body which will spread and kill us eventually. Many developing and backward countries are suffering because of this internal conflict which is creating a lot of hindrances in their progress.
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    The question is are you free if you have to defend your freedom? There will be many problems within the country and the administration with the help of the government has to solve them. Solving such problems cannot be compared to the freedom struggle. When you are unable to identify the enemy then with whom you will engage in a fight? Freedom comes with enough responsibility and a lack of responsibility creates chaos. The reason behind the chaos has to be found and the intention should be there to resolve the chaos.

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    This is a nice thread by the author about the real meaning of freedom. The definition of patriotism can also be found in many forms, when a person knows how to protect his rights, then at the same time, he should also be ahead in performing his duties. The hypocrites of the country who fulfill their purpose by instigating others are patriots who hide behind some evil purpose and keep guns on the shoulders of innocent and true patriots. When we take care of humanity while working with true and service spirit towards our country, then only we can call ourselves free and patriot.

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