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    Abrupt closures of three Canadian colleges put Indian students in peril

    The abrupt close of three Canadian colleges namely M college in Montreal, CDE college in Shebroooke, and CCSQ college in Longeueuil has send panic among Indian students throng the Indian High Commission at Ottawa. Earlier these three colleges were demanding hefty tuition fees and collected urgently and now they closed the activities. It can be noted here that all these three colleges are run by already bankrupt Rising Phoenix International group. Many Indian students who are studying in these three colleges are big losers as they paid huge fees amounts. However Indian High Commission is in touch with Canadian govt to bail out students.
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    Very unfortunate. There are many incidents in India where the brokers in India became hand in gloves with those institutions and sent some students to Canada and got them admitted to these colleges. These students simply believed the brokers and now they are at a loss.
    All students when they are planning to study in foreign countries, should enquire about the institution and understand the trustworthiness of those colleges or institutions before spending huge money. These days every piece of information is available on the internet and one can search and read so that they know the history of the institute.
    Anyhow the High Commission of India in Canada has taken up this issue and they are in close contact with the government and trying to help the students from India. But they advised the students to get the certificate of recognition from the institute before they get admitted. Hope some favour will be done and the students will be provided with some alternative place to study in Canada.

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    Like this many of our students lose valuable time in their studies because of joining unrecognized educational institutions. Students have to remember that they have to thoroughly check the authenticity of those institutions from all possible sources before joining. Especially when joining in foreign countries one has to check with the Indian embassy about the authenticity of the institution.

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    Yes, with the closure of three colleges, the students of different students are facing terrible problems. Many of these degrees were nearing completion. Three Quebec colleges have closed due to bankruptcy. However, according to the authorities of the three colleges, they had to close the college due to the damage caused during the coronation. According to media reports, these students were admitted to these colleges from many states of India. The colleges that have been declared bankrupt are CCSQ, M, and CDE colleges. All of these students have paid millions of dollars in tuition fees. Now there is a crisis with their degree as well as money.
    The closure of the college has had a huge impact on the careers of these students. Big problems have also appeared in their lives. Some have moved to other cities to stay with friends. Again there are some who are living with other families. They are holding rallies every day to draw the attention of the government to their problems. On Wednesday, the students held a massive rally in Brampton, a suburb of Toronto. However, it is hoped that the government of that country can take the necessary steps in this regard.

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    When things are under private enterprises or private sector then such things often happen. These institutions simply work on the profit made by collecting huge fees and if they cannot manage within that revenue then there are no alternatives left except to close down the operations.
    It is bad luck for the students who have already deposited huge fees and are in between their academic pursuit. Generally in such cases the Government of that country in consultation with our high commissioner or ambassador there find out some solution. Even Government of India can consider sympathetically for bailing out these students.

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