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    Why our country name India is more popular than Bharat or Hindustan?

    Anywhere we see our country name whether in Indian media or foreign media India is more popular than Bharat or Hindustan. Is it because even in constitution also our country name is mentioned as India first and later Bharat is used? Is the word India was first introduced by British? Why the Indian words are not become popular? Do you think calling our country name as India or Bharat good? According to me calling our country name as India is simple and beautiful. What is your opinion?
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    My mother tongue is Telugu. I feel happy to use the words that are mentioned in my mother tongue as much as possible. But Telugu speaking people only can understand if I talk in Telugu only. So to become more familiar with other people I started learning English and Hindi. Now I speak more in English rather than my mother tongue. Here necessity made me learn.
    The same is the case with the name of the country. My country is BHARATHA DESAM in my mother tongue. I love to call it that way. But many people will not understand this and they feel very difficult to pronounce that also. So Britishers made this country India. This word is very catchy and easy to pronounce also. That is why all foreigners prefer to call it India only. We also getting accustomed to that word. It is the simpleness in pronunciation and writing that made the name India popular more than Bharath. Whatever one may call it, the important aspect is to love our own country and one should be a patriot. As long as you will not forget that you can call the country in any way you like.

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    The word India came from the Indus river and all the invaders and offenders perceived India as the land situated at the other end of Indus river. So that was the name in the eyes of foreigners and is the most common and accepted one in the world. Hindustan is the simple word meaning the place were hindus live. The name Bharat is based on the great King Bharata who had the Sanatan hindu kingdom extended to quite far geographically. I also feel that the name that is India which is more obvious and understandable to others would be a good choice to continue with.
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    What I feel that there is a politics element attached to the name of our country and the leaders use them according to their ideals and party lines. While for those parties which has the Hinduvta as the plank they use the word Bharat to refer our country. Those parties which are minority and does not like Hinduvta would call our country as Hindustan and for others it is just India. India is popular among all the nations and outsiders would not know about the Bharat, which is specially connect to the Ramayana cult and Hindustan which specifies about our religion and thus it is not referred as such. Whatever it is our country stands fame and pride with what ever name it is called because we have the rich tradition and culture of various religions working and living together and that is the greatness of this most loved country.
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