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    Is it right to say that because of invasion of Britishers helped India to get united?

    Usually when we talk about the British that they followed a divide and rule policy. Actually, before the invasion of the British, our country is divided into so many pieces and was ruled by various kings, and Mughal emperors. After the invasion Britishers slowly occupied all those smaller kingdoms and they get united into India. Suppose if Britishers don't invade our country they may be in the form of small kingdoms and there may be infighting between the kingdoms. Because of this only people from all parts of the country were able to fight unitedly against the Britishers. So this helped all parts of India get united and became a big country. Members, please share your opinion with regard to this aspect.
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    Indian kings were not friendly with each other and helped the British to invade the kingdoms of other kings. That is the reason the English Lords succeeded in causing battles between kings while they taking advantage of the situation. On the whole, no kings or peasants wanted to be ruled by a foreign empire. They believed that only unity among themselves could be the weapon for driving them away from India. Even women queens like Rani of Jhansi fought vigorously with the British and her name is written in golden letters in Indian history. Ironically, some small kings were traitors who joined hands with the British and back stabbed their own brothers.Indians should join together and be united so that we do not become slaves to any other foreign countries. Thankfully, India is slowly becoming a super power and is very strong now.

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    I feel there are divisions because of British rule in India and also unity also developed because of their rule,
    Pakistan is an integral part of our nation. But Britishers always believe in division and rule. So before they leave the country they made sure that India and Pakistan will divide and they will be neighbours with enmity always. Today the main problem India is having with Pakistan only, thanks to the divide and rule policy of British rulers,
    There were many small kingdoms in India. Some of them were friends and some of them were enemies. Always they used to think of expanding their kingdom. But when Britishers came here, all Indias came together fought against them for freedom. That is how they learned the importance of being together. We all know how all these small kingdoms were merged in the country by the actions taken by the then governments.
    So I say Britishers taught us both, the importance of being united and also the problems if we divide.

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    Before the Mughal invasion Indian peninsula was having many kingdoms of varying sizes and many of them often fought with each other due to boundary or land disputes. Mughals had known the natural resources and affluence of India at that time and they invaded us with big army and soon captured a large part of Northern India. As there was resistance from some Southern kingdoms and also the fact that Deccan plateau worked as a geographical shield Mughals were not very keen to extend their kingdom to the Southern side.
    Then entered the Britishers with modern weapons and powerful attack on all the kingdoms in our country at that time and the whole area came under the grip of Britishers. Our freedom struggle started with ousting of Britishers from India and obviously the united India as everything was under one British umbrella. So in a way we can give credit to Britishers for that unity of course under the compulsion.

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    I think there is a substance in what the author has said and it is the fact that India was basically ruled by different Kings and their Kingdom expanded as per their strength and ability to conquer and bring other small kingdoms to their fold. Usually the Britishers are known for divide and rule policy and they hyped a king to bring other king to his terms and thus they tried to make our big country as one and we are following the same through formation of states. Sometimes I feel that Kings were good because they used to have first hand information and get know the wants and sufferings of people in disguised form and now we are not having a CM or PM visiting our places and knowing our welfare. We are mending our own way, and the programs ,schemes of the govt does not reach the beneficiary and swindled by mediators.
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    The author has tried to give a different side of the story. The British did bring the smaller kingdoms under one rule. And they could do this because few kings helped them to be in their good books.The British were biased. But before them, Samrat Ashok and Chandragupta Maurya and many other kings had also tried to unite Bharat under one leadership. Though democracy was missing there.
    So, with the British rule that had initially seen uniting the country started the revolts and rebels from kings and the people agasint the foreign rule. This was the time when the British adopted the divide and rule policy. So, in a way , the British were also responsible for making Indian see their power of unity.

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    Britisher'soccupation and rule of our land have created a united country called India. India previously is a conglomeration of small kingdoms. The Kings or Chieftains used to quarrel among themselves and were always independent. It is only after the independence of our country, India was formed. The British are instrumental in forming our country. Many people say that a united India was divided and two countries India and Pakistan were formed due to the divide and rule policy of the Britishers. It is a fact that the Muslims wanted to have a country of their own and the division became inevitable against the wishes of our leaders at that time. It was a necessity at that time.
    After independence, Sardar Patel with the help of Mr. V.P. Menon and the then first Governor-General of India was successful in bringing the various Kingdoms under India. There was a problem with Hyderabad and Junagadh. Sardar Patel succeeded in making both of them accede to India.

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    Not only can Britain be credited for bringing unity and parliamentary democracy to India, but history has pointed to some of its destructive British policies - the destruction of existing political institutions, the emergence of racial divisions, or the introduction of systematic political inequality. All of this was done with one purpose in mind, which was to keep British domination alive.
    In the years after 1857, the British cleverly began to create divisions among the Indian princes, and consolidated their authority through the policy of 'divide and rule'. Centuries later, in 1757, the British became alarmed to see Hindu and Muslim armies fighting side by side and showing allegiance to the decaying Mughal monarchy. They then paved the way for the two groups to fight against each other so that their own empire would not be threatened. In 1859, Lord Elphinstone, the British governor of Bombay, suggested to London that, since the British came from a hierarchical society where the class system was entrenched, they looked for something inherently similar in India as well. They sought to understand the religious, communal, and caste divisions in the region, which at one time became the practice of defining, dividing, and perpetuating these divisions. Partition has killed tens of millions of people, displaced 13 million people, destroyed billions of rupees of property in India. So I do not believe that the British have any positive role.

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    To some extent I agree with the author, once upon a time, our country was divided into many small states in such a way that everyone was focused on expanding his empire. And this was also the reason that the external powers slowly snatched the wealth and opulence of India. There were also many wars where outside powers were invited by the kings of the country themselves to come and attack India. But when the policies of the British started to take the form of cruelty, then there was definitely the birth of agitators in different sections of society, at the initial stage everyone came forward for their own interest, some religion, some economic, some education, etc. became aware of other reasons but in the end. Everyone got one purpose in me and that was the independence of the country and after that all got united.

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    Definitely they made the Indians united, which ultimately led to become 'Free India'. At the same time, we should not ignore the fact about the developmental activities that took in their regime prior to 1947. The various beautiful structures in different parts of the country and the transport connectivity and other areas of development appears to be better in many aspects as compared to the later years.

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