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    Encourage children to learn the mother tongue also

    Language is the basic requirement for communication. We can communicate our feelings, thoughts and problems with others through a common language. Language is a feature that is given to human beings by God.

    Mother tongue is the language that is being spoken in the family and the society around. It is also known as the native language. Olden days people used to travel less and they are able to manage their life with only one language that is their mother tongue. But these days moment around the world is more. Hence it has become a necessity to learn English which is treated as the universal language.

    Some parents because of their love for the English language ignore their native language and in turn, their children are not able even to speak or understand their mother tongue. One should not ignore their mother tongue. A student who is fluent in a minimum of two languages may also develop more flexibility in their thinking. This may be due to the ability of the child two process the information through two different languages.

    Keeping this in mind parents should always encourage their children to learn their mother tongue also in addition to English.
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    For good communication skills, one has to learn at least one or two languages perfectly. Not only simply speaking but also they must be good at writing with perfect grammar. But present-day children are weak in languages either in speaking or writing. This will become a great hurdle in the progress of their profession in the future. Parents must be careful at the primary level itself in making their children good at languages. Parents' encouragement is very essential for good learning of their mother language. Mother language always helps in understanding the ability of an individual.

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    While we are conscious of the education of the children, we ensure that they should be admitted in one of the best schools so that they don't lack quality of education at any stage. This is so far so good but we forget the importance of our own language in the process of learning languages of prime dominance. English being the most popular languages in every important field, this has not be ignored. If the parents hail from elite class, German, French would also be included in their studies. But we do forget our own language to be included in the process of education. As a result, the child might be proficient in the studies but still the child would receive a setback due to poor knowledge of his own mother tongue.

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    Very good suggestion from the author as modern parents are giving more thrust to English and making children habituated to learn that language thereby forgetting the very mother tongue which need to be learned for sure And for those couples who are from different states, the mother tongue would be different and as they speak in that language the child cannot understand and thus feels negated. I have seen one family in which the mother gives thrust to Kannada, and the father speaks to the child in English, having got confused between the two language, the child got used to gestures and thus elders started talking to the child in Tamil and now the kid has picked up very well and understands three languages for sure. Mother tongue must be read, written and spoken during our life and that identifies our person.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In our country there are so many languages in use in different states or areas. The children should be encouraged to learn the mother tongue or local language as in many cases they are same. Other than that they have to learn the official state language and also English as that has become a global link language. In some places it is observed that children shy away from using their mother tongue and that is not a healthy thing. It mainly happens because their parents are also not very much interested in their children learning the mother tongue as that is not of use in schools or later in making a career. But it is absolutely wrong to think so as we have to keep our cultural identity intact in this world and one of the things necessary for that is to learn our mother tongue or the native language.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Parents should encourage their children to speak in their native language when they are at home . I was brought up in West Bengal and the language spoken is Bengali. We were five children and sometimes even at home we used to speak in Bengali. Our parents use to tell us to speak in Tamil because our mother tongue was also important. In addition, my father used to buy Tamil books and magazines and make us read those books. It is true that a multi-lingual person develops some special skills of communication .

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    I do not think there is a need to encourage any child to teach his mother tongue, as they automatically encourage this. I mean when we give such an environment to the children in the family themselves, then they will not have to adopt it separately. Nowadays, in most schools, it is a rule that children have to talk to each other or to the teacher in English only, as long as they are within the school campus.
    But when the children are at home, they are spoken to in the common language which is our only language and in such a situation the children themselves also find themselves comfortable with the mother tongue.

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