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    When we delay the small tasks

    There are always some tasks in hand which may appear very small or of insignificant nature as we know that we can undertake them quickly and finish them. In that confidence sometimes we delay them so much that they become very important and urgent at the eleventh hour. For example I had to send a a redemption form by post to some insurance company in other place where I earlier worked and I knew that it was a job of 10-15 minutes to fill the form, sign it, and then keep it in an envelope and give it to the post office or some courier to send it to that place. Somehow I kept it pending thinking that it was not a very big job and then soon the last date of submission of form arrived and then I found that I had some other urgent jobs to be done and this job though was a small one became very important and urgent and somehow I squeezed time and posted it through a courier near my house. Due to keeping it pending and delivering it in the last hour I was under stress and unnecessary taking strain. Has such a thing ever happened in your life? What do you think about this matter? Should we complete the small jobs also well in advance?
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    A good thread raised by the author. I feel nothing should be kept pending because rushing things at the last moment will give us tension and cause unwanted expenditure and consume our precious time and energy. Procrastination in any matter is not a good thing to do.I note down in my action planner things to do that particular day on a priority basis and adhere to it. By following this, nothing remains to be postponed for later days. I remember when I was working as a Personal assistant to the administrative manager in Kolkatta , my boss used to maintain a diary and one diary he also used to give me to maintain. For example, if some tax has to be paid after two weeks , he used to write down the date one week prior to the last date and the details in his diary and make me write the same on mine too. We used to open the diary and find out what was to be followed up each day. Therefore, we were always prompt in our work and hardly very few cases were kept pending.

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    That is always true. When we notice a small change in our health, we will ignore it and will never give it importance. But after a few days, the problem may become serious and then we will start running to the doctor. This happens many times to many of us.
    Laziness is one reason for this attitude. Some papers are with my friend. I have to go and collect them. The total time required is about an hour maximum. But I postponed it many times. Finally, the other day, he phoned up and told me that he is leaving for his native place and maybe back only after a month. He said he was starting in another one hour. So immediately I rushed to him and collected the same in odd hours.
    If other important works are there and if we are busy somebody can understand the reasons for postponing. But when we have sufficient time also why should we postpone the same? I think this is the human tendency.

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    It is rather a good thread raised by the author where he has stressed the importance of finishing a job much earlier than the scheduled time so that we can avoid the last minute rush. Agreed that we are in the habit of differing the job every moment we think of doing the same thinking that there is enough time to be attended and this will be taken sometimes later. In that process, the last moment will approach and due to hectic schedule, we miss the opportunity for the execution. Hence without waiting for the last day, we should make a habit of undertaking the jobs much earlier than the date of its completion.

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    It has become habit for many of us to postpone the small tasks that need to be attended immediately and at once and we keep on postponing and when the task become big and challenging then we are pushed to the corner. Same thing happened two weeks back. The gas stove big burner was not giving the exact output of flame and we need to perform the yearly death ceremony of my father at home and the preparations has to be made on stove. The penultimate day the stove gone too worst and wont work. That forced me to buy new one as there is no time to repair as the items need to be prepared from early morning. So old stove was taken for 900 and paid extra 1000 for new stove. Though everyone felt happy that some urgent purchase has been done, had I taken repairing in advance, 1000 could have been saved.
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