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    Is it important to give gifts to someone whom you care to show your affection?

    Gifts are exchanged as a token of love and affection towards the persons you care.However, there are also other ways of expressing the same. For example, one can cook a special dish for them or take them out for a movie. Gifts can be expensive or inexpensive but it is the love that matters which people give and expect. It is not necessary to gift someone only on certain occasion. What do you think about exchanging of gifts? What gifts do you give to your near and dear one and when?Let us discuss please.
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    In our tradition usually when we visit to a relative house or friends family we take some fruits or a sweet pack. It is good to give fruits that is good for the health of those whom you are visiting. For children we can give a story or moral book or playing toys according to the age. This will make you form a good relation with them. Otherwise a useful item for the family or for a youngster a wrist watch, etc. can be given as gift.

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    When we go to see somebody either a friend or a relative, it is our practice to carry some fruits or sweets. If there are kids in their house we prefer sweets. If no kids in the house we prefer fruits. If the relatives are very close and if we know their eating habits we purchase the item they like. Sometimes we may carry some 5-star chocolates to the children. My wife sometimes purchase flowers for the ladies. This is only during casual visits.
    If there is any function and if we are attending the same, we will carry a gift in addition to the sweet box. If we are attending the birthday party of a kid, we will purchase a dress that is suitable for the kid. Sometimes we may not be able to purchase any gifts. In such times we keep some money in a gift cove and present it to the kid.
    In some areas, people make a list of presents they received on an occasion and they will give a similar gift when they attend a similar function in the house of that person. The present we select will depend upon the type of function, age of the person and their relation with us.

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