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    What qualities do the girls and boys look for when they want to select a marriage partner?

    Getting married late has become quite common of late. The suitable partners are being selected by the man and woman themselves very cautiously. There are some good matrimonial websites which are genuine and help them to find out the right match. However, this trend also has some disadvantages. For example, they like each other online and communicate with each other for some days and when they meet in person one of them rejects the other person abruptly which causes much pain and leads to depression. What do you think about this?
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    First of all, you need a bride. What should the bride be like? She must be as beautiful as Aishwarya, as charismatic as Mother Mary, as intelligent as Irene Adler, as smart as she is, as smart as Western women, as a cook better than Draupadi. Meanwhile, I am a very ordinary man. Usually, everyone is looking for such a bride. With this, of course, many judges the cast, the horoscope, etc.
    Now, what should be the boy to the bride? Must be rich near Bill Gates. Must be good-looking like a movie hero and have to be smart.
    Or in the study field, You have to at least 35 degrees like Hardayal Singh, you have to be the successor of Newton-Einstein in intelligence, you have to have eight packs of apps (anyone is making six-packs now), you don't have to be old-fashioned. Again the company has to be a top-level employee from the upper mid-level. The character must be of that clean level. Who am I? I am a simple girl?
    This is a general wish, but so far whatever the alliance has to accept despite the objections.

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    The marriage concept in India itself is very regressive and toxic. People still believe that it is a union of two families, not two individuals. It is very difficult to choose a person with all qualities that we want in our partner. Most of the matrimonial sites are gaining a huge profit by considering the institution of marriage as a business. Most of the profiles are created by parents and they want a "Perfect Bride" for their son. So it is very difficult to communicate with a particular person before the consent of his or her parents. Even if two people like each other through matrimony, so many other factors like education, financial stability, caste, race, physical appearance all these things pull them back to tie the knot. It's also very difficult to deal with someone who rejects a person merely based on external factors. So, In choosing a partner, we need to think thoroughly about whether he or she will understand and accept us the way we are and not follow the conventional norms of marriage practiced in our country.

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    Without knowing the complete details of the person falling in love with somebody through social media is never a good trait. The information somebody is uploading on social media may not be factual. Many such accounts we are seeing. Even the photos they upload may be fake also. I never suggest anybody go like that in their lives. If the girl and boy are knowing each other, they can talk, see each other, know better each other and then they can know their likings and disliking, bobbies etc and that will give a better understanding of each other. Then they can proceed further.
    Marriage is a once a lifetime affair and the lives of two persons will get connected. So this will change the life of both the people involved. Marrying without proper understanding is never advisable. These days love. marry and leave is becoming very common. This is mainly due to lack of understanding and also not having proper knowledge about the other person.

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    These days the marriage partners are decided by girls and boys and absolutely no intervention from parents and they need to agree to their demands and agree. Girls want just one year elder person as a partner, good handsome looking, should be earning good, having bike or car would be added advantage. For boys, the girl should be beautiful, not much age difference, she should able to adjust with his mother and father all aspects and above all she should be more amicable and adjustable to the family. But arranged marriages can ensure such kind of integrated approach and not the personal choice of the respective boy or girl. If any wrong happens, the entire marriage would be in peril and the parents are pushed to the original. So parents must be involved in deciding the bride or groom and that would be inclusive welcome.
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    People's thinking about marriage is changing a lot, marriage was considered a necessary and important step, it seemed as if life was incomplete without marriage at that time. If there is a problem in someone's married life or if someone loses his partner, then people start giving priority to the second marriage as well. But now the times have changed. Marriage is not just an essential part but its role in life and subsequent series of changes in life. Today the importance of both parties is also equal, and therefore both want to be married to a person who is complementary in every way, stays together in all forms like social, economic, emotional, etc.

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    Marriage is a very important activity in ones life and it is obvious that every boy or girl has to choose a life partner with whom one can be comfortable and happy throughout the life. So before the marriage they have to be very careful and cautious in selecting a match and going for that relationship. In general girls will look for a handsome boy, financially well off, having a good position, well mannered, loving and caring, courteous and humorous etc. On the other hand boys will look for a beautiful girl, a good friend, caring, giving respect to his family, listening to him, managing the household etc. More than above both will yearn for one common thing and that is the attention related. They will seek full attention of each other and that is a point where the first sign of discord will emerge between a couple. So, even if they had been much careful in choosing and selecting each other, the end result might not be very favourable.
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    Marriage is definitely the bond of trust and mutual friendship and in all the cases they should understand each other. They would sail through the tough time fighting all the odds coming in their ways. The partners would remain comfortable throughout their lives with their mutual love and sacrifice.
    However their areas of working might be different but in spite of that they will be caring to each other. The husbands have to go far sometimes in connection with their jobs and the wives have to remain at home alone along with their kids. Even in such situations, they would share their feelings through the regular communications. Unfortunately, this relationship is sometimes distorted due to their differences of thinking. This should be sorted out by the mutual discussion and should enjoy their married lives comfortably.

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