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    Have you bought and used video tapes, CDs, DVDs in the past?

    At present we are having a facility to store videos in pen drives, storage in laptops and mobiles, data cards, etc. But in the past, we used to store video or audio content on Videotapes, CDs, DVDs. We use to have a videotape recorder in which videotapes are played and recorded. We are having a few videotapes in which we interestingly used to record a few hit songs from the Doora Darshan channel on Friday. We used to watch those songs repeatedly on these tapes. After this, we have audio CDs. I used to buy a large number of old Telugu, Hindi movies,s, and devotional songs. For a long duration of time, the huge collection of these CDs is with me. Similarly, once DVDs came we switched over to it and in that also I have a huge collection of movies. Still some of the DVDs that are there with me. What are your experiences with these audio and video equipment?
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    There was a time when I had a VCR in my house and we used to record the movies or TV programmes on video tapes or get some video tapes from the market on rent and see the movie and return it on the next day. VCR was a very important item in our house and I purchased that after a long time as it was a costly item. During those times I also acquired one desktop computer in which there was a CD drive and I used it for storing some data files on CDs and kept them for future use. After some time I bought one small DVD drive where we used to play the DVDs of all sorts. So those things in that time were the integral part of our household and very important in many respects.
    But technology advanced with such a rapid pace that all those things are today history only. Today we are holding a smartphone in our hands having 64 GB memory and a slot for a SD card say 32 GB. In addition to that there is cloud storage facility by so many reputed sites where we can store our data files and retrieve them whenever we want on the go.
    So practically those things like CD, DVD etc are almost obsolete for us today.

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    When I was associated as the freelance video journalist, surely there was need of video tapes, CD, DVD's as sought by the clients and customers. Even today the tapes are having good demand for quality video output. I do not have much of video and audio DVD as we have instant access to internet to listen any song of high quality and thus dispensed with purchasing the CD's. When my marriage was held in 1992, the videographer gave us big cassette and that should be played in the player.. But while shifting the house, it was broken and whole cassette gone waste. However these days the record copies are kept and uploaded in the drive and that can be opened at any time and viewed. But it is always a pleasure to listen to old songs from the DVD and the quality output would be great and equally best for viewing pleasure.
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    We also used DVDs, tape-record player and CDs. One of my friends was having a gramophone record player when I was in primary school. We used to go to their houses to hear songs. HMV gramophone record collection they were having in their house.
    My mother in law gifted me a tape record player cum radio(Two in One) after my marriage. I and my wife used to go to a cassette recording shop and select the songs from the list he was having. The shopkeeper used to record them and give them. We had many cassettes like that. Almost we were having more than 100 cassettes. Later on, we discarded the. I got a DVD player from our company as a gift and the same one we used in our house for a long time. Now we are not having any of them with us. Now we hear songs on our computers or on our smartphones, But I prefer hearing songs on FM radios, especially while I was on a journey.

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