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    Do you think College or University status plays an important role in campus selection ?

    We know that there are many universities and colleges affiliated with UGC, many private deemed universities are giving engineering courses in India. Some of the colleges and universities are very famous and most popular and getting seats in these institutions is not easy. Some high-ranked private universities are there where they collect huge donations. Actually, whatever institute the candidate studies, the worth of the candidate is important for the recruiting company. But when we see the campus recruiting process those who studied in the most popular or highly ranked institutes are getting higher packages irrespective of candidates' worth. Those who are studying in less popular colleges get low packages. So the companies take college standards as basic criteria for campus selection. What is your view with regard to this?
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    Apart from the status of the college or the University, it is the past reputation and the PR from the respective college matters. What I understand is that some professional colleges are having a PR department that tabulates and carries the data of prospective candidates in all streams to match the requirement of various companies seeking freshers from various colleges. By doing so the companies are hugely benefited from doing their spadework and thus zero in on some candidates who are a sure shot to be selected in campus interviews. That is the reason being that some colleges even having good results and good reputations fail to get more campus selections because they are nil approach from the PR side. Not that the students are intelligent but the spadework done by the PR would make companies vie for offering employments.
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    These companies are selecting students for jobs in their organisation from all types of colleges and universities. They are selecting students from IITs and even normal colleges also. That indicates that they are not ignoring any institute. But roles they are offering for candidates from IITs may be different and their pay package is also different. They are getting higher salaries.
    My brother's son studied in IIT Guwahati. He was selected by Microsoft and he was given Rs 12,00.000/- per annum as his starting salary. My friend's son studied at CBIT, Hyderabad. He was also got selected for Microsoft in the campus interviews and he was offered Rs,6,00,000/- per annum. Microsoft will not go to normal colleges and universities. But companies like TCS, Infosys. Tech Mahindra are taking students from various colleges also. They are taking B.Scs also but salaries offered are very less.

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    It is very ironical that there are the colleges particularly Engineering Colleges having very good reputations in terms of teaching and the professors of such colleges are highly reputed but the unfortunate part is that the aspirants passing out of such colleges fail to get any suitable job because there is no such arrangement like campus placement.
    On the contrary it can be seen that the aspirants taking admission in such colleges maintaining PR relationship with the employers would be benefited with the recruitment of their students. Hence, we can safely assume that in case of placements some engineering colleges enjoy better than their counterparts due to their rapport.

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    Yes, the reputation of the colleges, the infrastructure and the role played by the PR Dept/the Placement Committee of the college makes a difference. Further, I observed that many colleges boost up their figures in the Campus Placement Profile to attract the student but the ground reality is different.

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