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    Eat more cooked curries, no rice- that's new diet control plan by many

    I had the chance to meet one relative and I met her after two years gap. She was more fat looking then and now looks very slim and adorable. I could not withstand the whooping change in her looks and personality and therefore asked the secret. She simply said that she is eating cooked curries more and not using rice at all. Cooked curries are very tasteful and that would suffice the taste buds and not necessarily be eaten with rice and therefore having good control over diet and she reduced almost 12 kgs in two years. What is your take on this matter ?
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    Actually, carbohydrates are the reason for the accumulation of fat in the body. These will get digested easily and you feel hungry often and hence consume more. Then you will gain weight. That is why we should reduce rice or wheat content in our meals to the maximum extent. Vegetables will take more time to get completely digested. So when you consume vegetables more, it will take more time to get digested and you will not feel hungry and so the intake will reduce. Once the intake is less you will not accumulate weight. That is the reason many people consume more vegetables but only one chapati for their dinner or lunch.
    But is this practice going to bring a big change is to be confirmed. In addition to that, some physical exercise also may be required. Then only weight loss will happen. There may be many other restrictions and advice from the doctor for maintaining a good physique without accumulation of fat,

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    But for the elders and seniors the munching problem of vegetable curries would lead to indigestion.
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    Those who are habituated to eat white rice usually face this problem of gaining more weight. Reducing rice content on daily basis and intake of more quantity of fruits and vegetables will help to reduce weight gain. Nowadays various schools of thoughts are there for weight reduction. Taking raw vegetable and fruit salads without taking rice, consuming one or two pulkas with curries, supplementing with fruit juices, dry fruits, etc. to control weight gain. Doing exercises will also help to control weight gain.

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    Those who want to reduce weight do not consume carbohydrates and eat vegetables, greens and fruits only. However,regular exercise also should be done along with diet restrictions. Eating salads and drinking green tea is also the latest practice which is followed by youngsters. However, I have rice for lunch and dinner without which I do not feel satisfied. I am lucky that I do not put on weight when I consume rice everyday.

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    The author brings a healthy and helpful thread, a good health plan is essential not only for appearance but also for staying healthy on the inside. Regarding the diet of rice, advisors often advise that by doing this the weight is reduced but I think the most important is a healthy food whatever it may be. Food with less oil, spices is the most healthy and benefits in every way, along with it is a wise decision to avoid junk food. Along with the diet plan, one should also follow some good habits like exercise, time management especially for sleep, and other work of routine.

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    There are many food items in our regular foods which are having a good quantity of carbohydrate. Rice is one of them. Other such items are oil, butter, cream, junk foods, refined flour, biscuits etc. By decreasing the quantity of these foods in our routine diet we can definitely reduce the amount of carbohydrate being received by our bodies through our food. It helps in decreasing the weight of the body or keeping it constant at the same level. Many doctors and dietitians advise this course of action for the persons who have more fat in their bodies. It is also advised that people should take items having more water and fibre in them rather than consuming the carbohydrate rich foods. Vegetable items are having low amount of carbohydrate and they are ideal for the campaign for reduction of weight. It makes sense to use these items partially in place of rice and other items of carbohydrate sources.
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    If we want our body in the trimmed condition, this is definitely possible with the curtailment of carbohydrates and in its place consumption of fruits, abundant taking hot water, fibrous foods such as oats, ragi, Jawar are to be included. This takes its own time to digestion and normally it takes more time than the boiled rice. Boiled rice is easily digested making us hungry to munch some more items which in turn will make our body flabby.
    Hence we need to take utmost care of the reduction of foods containing carbohydrates and in lieu of our intake is to be substituted with abundant salads including raw state of tomatoes, onions, radish etc followed by less boiled rice. We should also make a routine to indulge in physical exercise for at least 45 minutes in day to keep the body in trimmed condition.

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