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    Teasing mentality even prevalent in animals

    I chanced upon to watch a video in which a pet dog was nicely sleeping on the sofa and the pet cat which was sleeping somewhere till now came to sofa and would touch the dog and hide. That was so funny to watch that even animals gets pleasure in teasing others while sleeping and this video proved right. Have you ever teased someone at the home when they are sleeping and their sleeping was the disturbance to you and thus teased them. Share such experience here so that we may also have the chance to enjoy those moments.
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    Many times during my childhood days I did. In our house, almost 6 to 7 children used to stay together and we used to tease each other. We used to take away one book from my sister's bag and wait to watch the fun. She used to search for the book everywhere. After some time I used to start searching as if I don't know anything and used to get the book back to her.
    We used to go to tuition and there we used to have a big crowd of 40 or 50 people. We used to tease each other till the teacher comes. Many times some children used to complain about others to that tuition teacher and he used to warn us.
    Those days are the days we enjoyed in our life. As we become aged our responsibilities will increase and we will forget about fun and recreation in life. These days because of family planning in a house there may be only one child and there will not be any chance to tease.

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