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    Do you offer prayer for few seconds before eating the food?

    It is generally said that on every grain the name of the eating person is written and that is why they are never denied food if approached at the right place at right time. In that case we are duty bound to offer prayers to God for few seconds before eating food. Because providing food is the arrangement from God and thanks giving before eating that would be formidable respect to the almighty. You need not offer food to the God, but thinking about the almighty would be the great trait for having provided the needed food for this time. Any comment on this ?
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    That is correct. Before we start eating if we thank God for providing us food for that time and then only we should start eating. We generally, do that just before we start eating. We recite Gayatri Mantram before starting our eating and then only we eat. In both, the Telugu states this custom is prevailing.
    Another important thing one should follow is donating food to the poor and needy. If somebody comes to you around lunchtime, you should offer food to that person. If we don't have excess food, you should give from what you kept for your consumption. A hungry person will easily get satisfied with whatever we give and he will pray to god for our well being.
    That is why a human being will feel that the donation you can give is food to a person who is hungry.

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    It is always good to do Brahmarpanam before every meal as thanks giving because there are many humans in this world who are even deprived of food when they are hungry. Anna daanam is the best charity among all other donation. When food is offered to the person who is hungry and that person blesses you, it is god himself who is blessing you. The more you give, the more you will receive from God.

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    Indian culture is very deep rooted. If we deeply analyse our traditions, rituals, values, and other cultural aspects then we will find that in our culture for every action or activity there is something defined very clearly and precisely in our scriptures. One such thing is considering food equivalent to God. Probably this was made to teach the people to understand the value of food and not to waste it. So many people belonging to old generations still consider it equivalent to God and before taking the food they just bow to it with respect and showing dignity for it. I saw my father doing this ritual every time before taking the food. In my opinion it is a good habit or gesture to do this because it is not that we are doing it because of any religious reason but we can do it from the concept and angle that food is the most valuable thing available on earth and we should treat it and respect it and not waste it in our lives.
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    I do not offer any prayer to God before eating food. I believe in God. I have such faith in God, that I leave everything to him in my life. I do my work and it is for him or her to take care of me. I strongly believe that God will take care of me. It is up to him to look after my welfare. I offer small prayers to God in the morning immediately after waking up. After that, I may or may not remember him. I am his child and it is up to him to guide and take care of me.
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    Nice thread raised by the author. When I was in school, we used to follow this practice. In my school, we pray a Sanskrit shloka and thank god for the food. I think most of us did the same in our school days, but my grandfather still follow this method and thank God ith p[prayer for food. If we think it is a scientific manner, we understand that universe has energy, and somewhat we all are part of this energy. When we thank them for every little thing which is we are getting in our life in any way, we actually increase the power of that energy.

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