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    Are you ignoring the corruption around you?

    Abuse of power for personal gain is corruption. Corruption is everywhere today, from the smallest to the largest. We will know them after they are caught. Many times we see the bribe money in the news but I do not try to know the total amount of loss sustained for that bribe. On the one hand, the government is making various anti-corruption laws, on the other hand, corruption is also taking a new form. You must have noticed that someone in your office or neighborhood may be involved in such activities. You must inform the specific Agency to prevent it. Don't pretend to see. Because this small corruption will be the cause of the next big corruption.
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    We all got accustomed to living with corruption around us. It has become a part and parcel of our life. Not only taking bribes but also giving bribes is also a crime and such people can be punished in the court of law. So we also should make a decision that we will not give or take bribes. But when some urgency comes we ourselves will offer something to the other person to get some favour from him.
    The role of money in the elections should come down. While going for voting no person should accept any bribe from any candidate. That should be the beginning. But how many can do that?
    Corruption in government offices and government employees is increasing. Many political leaders these days are corrupt politicians only. People are also supporting such leaders only. That is the main reason for this corruption. How to prevent it is a big question.

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    Corruption in the present time has taken a peak and there is no sign of its reduction. If the same trend continues for some time, our developmental activities will be affected. Who knows the fund for all such developments would be eaten away by the authorities who are entrusted for strengthening the constructive projects. It is all happening because of our money lust. Discipline is lacking every where and people are not satisfied with their possessions.They would like to have more so that their own mission would be fulfilled at all the cost. We should all come forward to have a serious thinking on this issue. We need to think of the priorities of the nation and not for our own priorities. We will have to curtail all unwanted expenses and encourage others to follow the same path. In that way, we can fight this giant of corruption.

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    Yes, you may inform the respective agencies dealing with such corrupt practices and for that, you must gather all the proofs. The thing is since you are making a complaint you may have to go to court as and when required and you should have that time to pursue it. Just lodging a complaint may not help to completely resolve the case. Generally, people do not want to get involved in such complexities unless they are required to do so and hence they do not bother much. Raising a voice jointly can help to reduce corruption. Often, because of money and muscle power, an individual fear to raise her/his voice but if they jointly do that the corrupt practices will come down.

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