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    How long can you stay without using the communication devices such as mobile phones,laptops etc?

    People of almost all age groups who communicate often keep their smart phones handy and keep on checking them quite often. In addition, they use their laptops and access the internet. It is very difficult for such persons to control their urge to stay away from checking their devices at regular intervals.Posting and receiving messages from social networking sites have become the order of the day. Do you take your mobile phone wherever you go? How often do you call or send messages to your contacts? Let us discuss.
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    This depends on attitude of individuals. It is not difficult if one decide strongly to keep away mobile or any other gadgets for some duration. Usually as I am a retired person I spend most of time either with mobile or laptop. But if I am concentrating on some important work I keep away all my gadgets for any length of time. I think this particular thing depends upon the attitude of individuals. Most of the messages what we forward are simply time pass activities and are not essential.

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    I am not a compulsive user of devices and use them only when it is required. When you are concentrating on anything you will not have enough time to post updates or send messages to your relatives and friends. The important thing is the willingness of the individual. If one does anything compulsively then it is very hard to resist the person from doing that. Understanding the requirement is necessary and if people fail to gauge the requirement they do things without knowing why they are doing it.

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    It all depends on our grit and determination to keep off from gadgets and if we decide it can be done. For example two weeks back there was marriage of my sister daughter and being the maternal uncle my participation was huge and must and therefore did not attend the phones and computer too often and kept out of reach. Not that we want to avoid in such urgencies, we must be wasting time as everyone knows the business during marriage and they would not mind even if calls not attended. One thing is sure, I had return calls to everyone and asked excuse and they understood. I think weekly once we must abstain from using the gadgets and that should be no gadget day and spend time with family so that all the discussions can take place and there cannot be difference of opinion, complaints and misgivings.
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    Mobile phones, laptop, tablets, etc have become an integral part of our lives. I don't think if we can survive even a single day without them. Most of the people use the mobile device for communication purposes or giving messages through whatsapp, Facebook, and other such social media platforms. The use and type of uses varies from individual to individual.
    In my case I use the mobile phone hardly for half an hour per day for communication or messaging purposes. Most of the times I use it for visiting the various websites where I have interest in doing some sort of work just like we are working in ISC. As mobile screen is small and it is very clumsy to work on mobile phone I prefer to work on the laptop most of the times.

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    Interesting threads, but it actually depends on person to person also depends on their situations. If I talk about myself, I spend the most time on my laptop due to my freelancing work, but I spend little time on mobile as I do not have enough time to use it. But it does not mean that I am not using applications of mobile as I am using them on my laptop. Applications related to social media now belong to a part of my job or work and even if I want but I can not make a distance from them. There was a time when I just hated all such social media platforms but now these are my weapons for my work, that is why I have mentioned it all depends on the person, at the same time depends on the situation. So as a person, I am not a phone or laptop holic but my work does not allow me to keep away myself from such devices.

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    Using communicative devices is a necessity these days for many people, When you are working in an IT company, your majority of time will go on working on a computer only. Like this when it is your breadwinner you have to do that only. A Tele caller has to work on his/her smartphone only for a long time. So when there is a need we need not hesitate to stay with these devices for a long time. But ignoring the work and spending a long time on these devices is not required. So it all depends on the individual and what he is using.
    I will be working on my computer when I have some work. Otherwise, I will not open my computer. I use my phone also based on the requirement. I will not spend more time on my smartphone. I spend very little time on social media.

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