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    Do you object the statement given by Singapore PM about criminal history of Indian MPs

    Recently Singapore PM in their parliament stated that 50% of Indian MPs are having criminal backgrounds. Actually, the Indian parliament after independence was started with a clean and good aim under the guidance of great patriot Pandit Nehru. But the situation now turned out to be like this and he advised that Singapore should not be a model like that. We can imagine from the words of Singapore PM how we have become a bad model for such things. The Indian government has resisted such announcements in the Singapore parliament. In your opinion is it right for us to resist such a thing or do we have to realize the truth and correct it for ourselves to become a good model in the eyes of foreign countries.
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    All credit goes to UPA and Congress for degrading our country as most of the MP's hail from that party has the criminal back ground and that made ease to other parties to follow the suit. Having seen this menace spreading, the late EC TN Seshan brought no entry of criminals to politics but that was not implemented in full and even today we are seeing criminals entering the parties and then fighting elections and we the voters are forced to choose between who is the less criminal for the MP post. So what the Singapore PM said is right and he need not be blamed. In fact he cautioned our country to mend the ways and at least now EC should take the severe action on cleansing the politics and strictly those who have past criminal records should not be allowed to fight the elections and there should not be excuse on it.
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    On 15-02-2022, the Singapore Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, while speaking in the Parliament made a statement saying " Nehru's India has become one where, according to media reports, almost half the MPs in the Lok Sabha have criminal charges pending against them, including charges of rape and murder". He was making a comparison between the present Parliament of India with the parliament in Nehruji's time. Mr. Loong was saying the Parliament under Nehruji was good and at present half of the Parliament Members are having criminal cases against them.

    According to the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), in the Council of Ministers 2019 under Modiji, 22 Ministers out of 56 have declared criminal cases against them. Out of this 16 Ministers have declared serious criminal cases including cases related to an attempt to murder, communal disharmony, electoral violations, etc. 116 out of 301 Winners from BJP, have declared criminal cases against themselves in their affidavits.

    The supporters of BJP have no shame in blaming others while having Ministers and Parliament Members with serious criminal cases against them. What the Congress party does and what was the background of criminal activities are not an excuse for the present regime to blame them. How long this BJP party goes on blaming others for their failures? They are not capable of doing good to the country. The earlier public and the blind supporters of BJP realise this. the better for the country. The world is watching us and using our country as an example of how not a Parliament should be. We better learn from criticism than object to it.

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    It is a real unfortunate issue to hear such words from a small country like Singapore about the biggest democratic country. It is shame on the part of all of us. We are electing such people in the elections.
    There is no point in resisting the statements made by others when they are talking about facts. Probably immediately after independence, we have seen a good parliament but slowly from one parliament to the next parliament, the percentage may be increasing. There were criminals in earlier parliaments also and in the present also. But that is not the point.
    The important point one should think about is how to stop sending criminals to Parliament? I think the eligibility criteria for an individual to contest an election should be changed. All parties should meet and the Election commission should be advised not to allow criminals to contest. No party should give B Form to a candidate who is having pending criminal cases against his name. That is the only solution to this problem. Blaming BJP or congress is of no use.

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    It may be a hard truth but the PM of Singapore could have desisted from such comments about a democratic country. The so called 'members' are elected representatives. Moreover, cases might have been pending or in trial stage. Unless they are uncleared in a court of law, nobody has right to tag them with such labels. The Indian voters, in many cases, felt that the cases are totally politically motivated.

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    Sometimes we have to accept the hard facts about ourselves but at the same time we cannot tolerate the comments of others about those things. If some politicians are arrested by the CBI or ED then there is definitely something there because without fire we do not see the smoke. The irony is that some outsiders are also seeing that smoke and doubting that some fire is there and then we feel hurt and humiliated. The solution lies in revising our rules and regulations and if needed making changes in the constitution clauses to stop the entry of criminal and uneducated people in the politics and political arena. At one side our highly educated youngsters are not getting jobs and on the other side anyone can become a politicians having some followers. I do not say that they should qualify in JEE or NET or NEET or IAS but at least they should have a UG degree with at least a 'pass' marks to qualify for contesting the election. This will boost the education arena of our country also.
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