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    A timely reminder is also an awareness - please use Grammarly

    From time to time we see various awareness programs where people are requested to follow or do certain things. Special awareness weeks are also observed at a specific time of the year/period and all such awareness programs work as a reminder to all. The importance of any such awareness program is known to all and there is no need to elaborate on them. This thread is also a kind of awareness that I feel is necessary for all the members who contribute to ISC. You may find this post a repetition but can't help. I find some threads where there are lots of grammatical mistakes and often some typos too. This is not new and I am observing this for quite some time. Members, please do revise the posts before submitting which would eventually enhance the quality of the posts.

    I am not a teacher and my intention is not to point out the mistakes of others. Rather, just think about what a student feels when she/he finds erroneous posts on a popular educational platform. Those who are still not using the tool Grammarly, please do install it and revise the posts again and again before clicking the 'Submit' button.
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    Normally our thread posting box is already having the gramarilly support if we have already downloaded that and before submitting the post , if the verification is done from our side, then there is no question of any mistake. Good on the part of the author to remind the members and probably new members are not aware of this great tool that would correct the spelling and sentence making to bring in great content writing pleasure. English is the international language and our posts appear on the internet and that would be read, referred and even followed by people from other countries and states, therefore we have the reason and necessity to have the best error free content and that would enhance the reading pleasure for the readers. Nevertheless each member has to ensure their posts error free as far as possible.
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    The author is right and I appreciate the author for this informative thread. I remember when I started as a member of the India Study Channel, there were many shortcomings in my writing work but gradually I found tremendous improvement in my writing style after adopting the suggestions of senior members and editors. One of these pieces of advice was to use a Grammarly tool, which I was given to write articles, then I work on any platform, but two tools are a must for me - Grammarly tool and plagiarism tool. When my article scores well in both, I post it only after that. I strongly believe that both these tools are the biggest weapons for a writer.

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    I am using Grammarly regularly for the last 2 or 3 years. I am using a basic free version only. Earlier I was not reading the typed matter before submission as already Grammarly was highlighting the mistakes and I am correcting them. But later on, I started reading the content and correcting if there is any need. This will be helpful in avoiding grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. Anyhow sometimes some minor mistakes may be there in my submission and I will be excused for that. I will try my best to see that there will not be any mistakes in my submissions.
    But sometimes I get a little confused with the suggestions of Grammarly. In such a condition I am completely changing the sentence so that Grammarly will not find any problem and at the same time I am also sure there is no mistake in the content.

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    Grammarly is a good app and many of us might be using it regularly. It is very helpful in correcting the documents and making them more presentable as well as acceptable. We all are doing small mistakes in our write up here and there and in such a situation any tool like Grammarly is of immense value. Many people forget to give a space after comma or not to give a space before comma and all those things are instantly corrected in Grammarly. We also make mistakes in using 'the' and in Grammarly it is indicated wherever it is required or is deleted if it is extra. The author has given a good advice through this thread to use Grammarly.
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