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    Is it best to as a country or State ruled by a woman rather than a male?

    Usually, in most countries, there is no discrimination of a male or female ruling a country or state. But if we observe the history of rulers, very few women have got an opportunity in this aspect. Some of these women rulers got great names like Smt.Indira Gandhi, Sirimao Bandaru Nayake, Margaret Thatcher, Jaya Lalitha, Mayawati, Mamata Benarjee, etc.Experts say slowly the involvement of women is also increasing in the political arena. Is it because the soft nature of women is not much involved in politics? Do you believe that more involvement of women in politics is better than the male counterparts? Give your choice with good reasoning.
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    There was no doubt that Indira Gandhi had total grip over her party and never allowed dissidents to grow and thus kept the flocks in unison and that made the Congress party very strong since years. But that kind of leadership is lost now, When she was PM, India was not that big development, the income was less, the taxes were less and even the population was less. Now India is marching towards super power and the way we had been tackling the terrorists menace, and virus management, India has proven world that we are strong in economics in terms of bad period across the world. In this backdrop, a strong male leader is very much necessary as the decisions are to be taken and strong will power needed. At present I do not see any woman leader match to the stature of leading our country as PM and that is too much expectation.
    K Mohan
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    A country can be ruled by a male or female and there is no problem on that account as many women are better administrators than the mediocre males and reverse is also equally true. But the point is not who rules the country. The point is as who can create a better governance so that the corruption is contained and country progresses ahead. We have seen in many of the offices that many bosses come and go but the system remains like that only and does not change whether the boss is male or female. Any male or female who can change the mental deformities of the people working below would be said the best. Honest rulers are required for running the country towards a prosperous path. When the rulers are honest then only they can punish the bad people in the system and improve the working conditions so that general people are not harmed or troubled by the corrupt officials. Once the conditions are improved and common people are in a conducive environment for living then any person would be able to manage irrespective of male or female.
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    We cannot discriminate between males and females when it comes the question of efficiency in the area of politics. This can be said with our observations taking into consideration of different female leaders of the past time and the present one.
    We have seen the leadership of late Mrs. Gandhi in the past and have seen how effectively she has managed during the days of crisis ie the emergency period. She did not hesitate in taking appropriate steps whenever it was needed. Margaret Thatcher, too, in England offered efficient administration during her stint as a prime minister.
    We should not have any apprehension regarding the capabilities of the female counterparts especially in the domain of politics since they do have lot of patience to tackle different issues amicably. Once they start their political careers, they would definitely come at par with the male politicians.

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    I think here gender is not important. The ability and nature are very important. When PV Narasimha Rao became the Prime Minister many Telugu people thought that he can't survive as he couldn't survive as CM in the state. But he proved himself and he was one of the best Prime Ministers India has seen so far. The same is the case with Lal Bahadur Sastry also. Those days people thought that Sastriji is a very soft person. But he proved his worth as Prime Minister in a small duration. So it all depends on the individual.
    There are good women who did well in the political arena and there are gents who proved themselves very good in politics. There are failures in both genders. So I feel it is very difficult to say women are better than men as rulers or in politics.

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    I think, the author should feel proud about our great country.
    We had women rulers even many thousands of years ago. Very near to our Independence also we had women rulers.
    In the recent history, Indian had Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister. We had a woman as President-Pratibha Patil.

    Our elections are not gender discriminatory and women are elected to offices in various levels of administration and governance.
    However in recent times many omen shy away from active politics for various reasons.
    1. They give priority to family and children. It is because of this that we still have our good culture and moral values practiced even now/,
    2. Women are generally clean and less corrupt. Present day politics and business has trended to be more and more corrupt and lacking moral values. This makes women a bit hesitant to join politics and high level business etc.

    Today I read in a newspaper that or FM Smt. Nirmala Sitaraman has remarked that women are reluctant to join company boards.

    But even then, in our country, even today, we have women as Chief Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, collectors , MPs and MLAs . There are many hundreds/thousands of women in the local self governments.

    As human species consists of both male and female, either of them are able to take up responsibilities as per need. We cannot; and should not pre-judge them based on gender. There are excellent, average, or poor among them in [performance irrespective of gender. Our nation can be ruled efficiently by men as well as women.

    When Indira Gandhi was the PM, Khushwant Singh(Illustrated weekly editor) remarked that she is the only MAN in the cabinet and all others are women. That explains.

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    As India government set up is ably supported by the administration, who ever may be the executive, the admin would surely support ad that is the reason being so either male or female our country can cope up. But given the present circumstances and fluid situation of war clouds looming over every country in general and India in particular, we cannot take risk of having a female lead as the PM for obvious reasons. Moreover when all the International leaders are men and more powerful, India should match to their caliber to deliberate and assert our position and that can be possible through man only. Not that we are degrading the woman, but in some posts the male are right choice and they need to be given the right to rule. As I already said there is no formidable woman to lead this country amid chaotic situation now.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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