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    According to you who are the possible prospective candidates for ensuing presidential election?

    The next political event after the 5 states election results is the Indian presidential election. Already there are so many names encircling in the political arena. At the beginning itself, Sharad Pawar's name came as a consensus candidate from all political circles. Some expect Venkayya Naidu may be promoted as a Presidential candidate by BJP. Recently Nitish Kumar's name got into prominence in media. In order to prevent Nitish Kumar to enter into the UPA alliance, BJP is planning to promote him as a consensus presidential candidate. Some are expecting the present parliamentary speaker may be promoted as President. What is your guess with regard to the selection of a Presidential candidate either by the ruling NDA or opposition parties of India?
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    Presidential choice has become more prestigious these days as the opposition parties would not agree for the consensus and the ruling party has to decide either the present vice president for the post or any other person who is acceptable to the country. What I feel Venkaiah Naidu must be relieved from the post and must be taken at active leader of BJP party which is hugely missing him. And Nitish Kumar as vice President is not acceptable as he has the tactic of changing preference with other parties and cannot be believed. What I feel that this time a woman be given a chance to become a VP, and there are people from academics and even the Industrialists who proved their mantle as woman and they better understood our country well. And this change of thinking would benefit the BJP in long run for sure.
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    I recall the words used by Left parties in respect of Shri Sivraj Patil, the then Speaker of the Lok Sabha as a politically light weight. Then the UPA Chairperson picked up the First ever Woman President Smt. Pratibha Patil. The NDA sprang a surprise by picking up the Bihar Governor in the previous presidential election. Likewise, you can expect a surprisingly a new pick up this time too!

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    There is no chance for the present president to get one more term. At the same time, I am thinking that Venkaih Naidu will not be considered for the post of President of India. His straightforwardness may not be liked not only by opposition parties but also by NDA partners also. Another negative point for him is he is from Telugu State. So I am ruling out these two names.
    KCR somehow wants to be in limelight always. These days he is spending more time criticising and scolding BJP and the Central government. There is a rumour in Hyderabad that there is a hidden understanding between BJP and TRS. KCR are may be the candidate for President or VP of India. But I don't think that there is any truth in this rumour.
    So who will be the choice? We don't know. There may be a surprise and a candidate from the North east may be brought and make him President of India.

    always confident

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