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    Keep the guarantee of your life to yourself.

    When we go to buy something at a shop, then whatever we buy, we definitely ask a question, what is the quality or guarantee of whatever we are buying, and the answer is also fixed - don't worry about the guarantee. It has become a matter of guaranteeing things, where we can have confidence in the front and can also blame if successful results are not achieved.

    But why do some people give the guarantee of their life to others, I don't think it is right. Relationships do have a role in our lives, but it is better if we take the guarantee of our life only on our own. Be it exams, career, job, marriage, or anything else in one's life. The day we take a pledge that from now on our life depends only on us only, on that day we make ourselves better and better.
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    Sometimes I feel pity at those who makes big plans in life not withstanding the very fact that there are many unknown factors which would deny the very progress and the person would be derailed. Before covid onset, there was big plans among many to own house, start company and even do lavish destinatination marriage. But the pandemic has taught a lesson to all as to how we must live with austerity and the future is very challenging and grim with no guarantee. If that is the case with our life, then why we are expecting too much out of any product and we need to satisfy with warranty and guarantee. One must know that what ever products or services seen and experienced with our naked eyes are one day going to be destroyed and that includes this life also. So we have to live within the parameters of life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True. Nobody can give you a guarantee for the work you are doing. You have to do it properly and make sure that everything will go well. Who can guarantee your health even WHO also can't? You have to take measures and see that you will be healthy. Then only you can guarantee your health. Your eating habits should be good. You should have some physical activity. You should keep positive thoughts. Then you will be sure of your health. The same is the case in all aspects of your life.
    You are the person who will have first-hand information about you. So you know the pains and joys in each. So you have to judge all the aspects and decide on the way you have to follow. You may be taking suggestions from others. But ultimately the onus will be on you and you know the pain when your foot is in the shoe. So you have to take your own decision and go ahead.

    always confident

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    Life is the most unpredictable thing and giving its guarantee in any way or in any aspect would be a false action. There are some physical or tangible things for which a company or shop can give guarantee for replacement or repair but for our life we cannot do the same thing as nothing is in our hands. We have to keep such things within ourselves and ponder them thoughtfully and that is all what we can do.
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    It is another attractive thread written by the author. Our life depends on living standards as well as our decisions. We make important decisions in life on the basis of others' thoughts. These have no dignity. We often see that many important decisions like marriage, education etc, we do with the advice of others which can always be right. It's not a guarantee.
    If You Want Your Life Guaranteed, You have to take Important decisions yourself

    Phagu Mahato
    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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    Life is very unpredictable and as such we cannot give any guarantee what will happen to us in the next moment. We might be suffering some disease but the symptoms of the disease does not appear immediately. We might be thinking that every system within the body is working all right but the next moment a massive heart attack might take place. Hence in what way one can give guarantee of one's life? However, the products purchased from the market carry a warranty card providing you opportunities of the replacements in case it is not up to mark. The products purchased might not work up to the time which the manufacturer claims but because of warranty card, products are replaceable.

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