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    May be less but best

    Some people like to collect a lot, it can be different things. Some people can collect books, some are fond of clothes, some people have a lot of bags, watches, jewelry or household items. There are also some who like the collection of relations and they keep making a lot of friends as well as enemies. Well, not everything can be mentioned in this thread as this topic of the collection can be seen in many forms.

    But my view is that the collection should be of the best and not of more. Even if you have less stuff, things, people, relationships, degrees, etc., let it be the best. When it comes to a career, even a degree of yours can make you successful. When it comes to happiness or sadness in life, less but the best relationships should be your support. You are not going to be happy just by increasing the crowd around you, but recognize the best for yourself and if it is not, then make the best of what is there.
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    Very nice post. One should keep one's position high from all sides but it is not possible for everyone to achieve it.
    Because for this we need specific pre-planning of life which is not easy in our society. We fight for our lives to stand on our own feet, to earn a living. Then there is no time to think about how to decorate yourself. Yes, where your Guardian is highly educated or rich enough, you may have the opportunity to fulfill your hopes and aspirations. And with the help of the Guardian, you can shape your life. In that case, you will be able to spend your life by maintaining everything small but qualitatively with prior planning. That is why many people are not able to live their own lives even if they have intellect and desire.

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    Very good thread from the author and even has the chance to win the thread of the week contest. For that matter anything more is not acceptable even to nature and that is why in Tamil we tell what ever taken in excess as food would either goes to stomach upset or vomiting for sure. We know some people are fond of collecting too many sarees, too many foot wear and the latest trend is that since the pillion should also wear the helmet, the color of the same is being selected and purchased as per their dress color. Such is the craze for some we cannot compete with them as they want to gather more crowd and appreciation for everything they done and in fact with very little one can suffice the needs of life and that would be content. That is why even during travel less luggage is preferred for some as they do not want to make clutter while traveling.
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    That is a very nice way of thinking. I read a poem when I was in high school. It says that it is better to have a spoon of cow milk rather than having a full glass of donkey milk. A little tasty food will give you more satisfaction than a full plate of tasteless food. Quality is more important than quantity. This rule will hold good in all walks of our lives. So try to be selective. Select the best people and be friendly with them. Select a few useful and value-adding books and keep them in your library so that you can read them whenever you have time.
    I follow the suggestion given by the author in this thread for a long time. I have a few selective friends only but they all will help me when I need their help. I purchase books that are useful for me in my work and keep them in my library. But relations are not my choice. So I have to be good with all my relatives. I will be more close to the relatives whose mentality matches with my mentality.

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    The debate between having quality rather than the quantity is always an interesting discussion topic and people express varied opinions in the matter. It is very true that accumulating things has no end and if we are not using them in time or in a proper way then it is simply going to create clutter in our lives. What would we do with a heap of books if we never read them? Of course there are some exceptions to this as some collectors of items will go on increasing their collections of a particular item say old coins, stamps, books, artefacts etc but that is on the side of hobbies and the purpose is totally different as in such cases it is not a clutter but a prized possession.
    Coming to the personal traits we have many habits which are in excessive direction and are a cause of conflicts and confrontations so reducing them to bare minimum would be a sensible thinking and would help us tremendously in our lives. So the essence is that everything whether tangible or not should be undertaken in a limited envelope as per the requirement and need and not on whims and fancies.

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    I think those who have the habit of collecting items do it either because they wish to accumulate more or look for something rare which are truly a collectors' item. Yes, the more you have the more will be the confusion and if you wilfully keep things limited it indicates you collect things that are required. It may not be easy to define best universally which can always vary but the important thing is to differentiate between our needs and hobbies. Those who have the hobby to collect items will keep on collecting them but when it comes to our needs, a mindful decision should be taken about what to purchase and what not to. There are people who purchase a lot at a time but use only a few. This creates junk that must be avoided. But when you are sincerely making a collection you should go for items that are not so easy to find. You may call it rare or best but actually, that has to be unique.


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    When we want to choose any object we have many options and varieties. Some people choose on the basis of quality well some given preference to money.
    The collection is good for your future but a wrong collection can destroy your image.

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    Collecting too many things be it clothes,books,accessories and making many bond with people results in confusion. Therefore, it is better to select the best and be happy with your possession. For example,interacting with so many people,sometimes result in gossip unknowingly and might involve us in problems. Similarly if you possess too many clothes, you waste time in selecting a suitable one and you are never satisfied with the pick. However, if you have a few best clothes which would suit you well, you can wear any of them with confidence and be stress free.

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