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    Are we purchasing technically honest products ?

    The question asked may be confusing but it need to be answered because we purchase products based on promotions through television, advertisements on papers, bill boards and recommended by friends and others. But do we ever scrutinized the need to evaluate the products which are technically honest in their quality. Some products and brands are liked by many not for the quality but for the wide acceptance, and that cannot be taken granted and local brands be rejected for no quality stand. What is your take on the subject?
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    In many electronic gadgets what components that are used inside we don't know completely. To some extent, the configuration of the parts used in smartphone we can know how much the gadget benefit in various aspect. For quality of the gadget we completely depend upon the company which made that gadget like LG, Samsung,Philips, Sony, Realme, Mi, etc. It is true that many standard brands providing the gadgets are working best without any further service for long duration. Most of us technically we don't know about the details but we strongly believe in brand name.

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    Most of the people go by the brand name or information got from their friends or relatives. Good companies sell their products easily based on the huge advertising campaigns made by them. Digital marketing is helping the companies to promote their products. We do not go by the inside material present in these gadgets so we do not know whether we are buying technically honest products or not. Branded companies spend a lot on making and maintaining a brand. They replace the item on first complaint. They also provide good after sales service. It is believed that branded companies keep a good quality control in their manufacturing facility and reject any piece which is below the quality so their performance in the consumer hands is generally good and if it does not then they would immediately replace it. There are already old brands doing good in the market and it is a difficult task for any new brand to carve a place for itself as the competition is tough.
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    How to know the technical health of a product? How to evaluate? What mechanism do we have to do the same? One is to see the certifications the manufacturing companies have and the products have. We ensure that before going for the purchase of that product. All leading brands will have these certifications without any exemption. The second aspect is the guarantee period that is being provided by the companies for the product. All leading companies will follow standard practice in that. Then reviews on the internet, suggestions from friends and relatives.
    I know an AC manufacturer in Hyderbad who purchases all standard components from the market and he will assemble them in his factory. I know him well and he was selling the product at a very competitive price. I purchased an AC from him in the year 2000. Even today it is in working condition without any complaint. In between once or twice the gas was filled. 21 years of working. What more do you expect from an AC which was assembled. But he closed his factory as no buyers for him.

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