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    Where is the role of the movie hero in today's society?

    In addition to entertaining, the film plays an important role in shaping society, spreading education, and raising public awareness. It is said that a film can easily complete the education of a number of texts if its content and style of construction are high. The film is not only a means of entertainment, but it is also possible to make people interested in creative and developmental activities. Usually, the hero of the movie is seen to play a special role in removing all kinds of corruption from the society, to present the image of an ideal society in front of the youth. In this way, they are encouraged to lead a healthy, beautiful, and safe life. But the sad thing is that no one is seen in the role of hero nowadays in the fight against corruption in society. So they are going to the movies just for fun? Why is this happening? Your comments?
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    Very nice thread from the author. While the producer and director claim that movies are made for the benefit of the fans to understand the plot and take cue from it apart from wholesome entertainment, songs, and fight. But people would take the movies as viewing pleasure and nothing more than that. If the film is gripping and has some formidable message or scene, one would watch the same again and again but never want to follow the ideals of the hero. But there are die hard fans who want to ape the styles of hero and for that is the reason Rajinikanth has become famous among the mass for his unique style introduced in every film. But how those styles going to benefit the fans is not known and they simply follow the hero and keep hype of him. Films have great trait to give big lessons for all but the seriousness is lost.
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    Basically, movies are only for entertainment. People go to the movies to forget all their worries and enjoy at least a few minutes. But youth may have the character of hero worship. They follow their favourite hero in many aspects and support him in all his works. So heroes can become role models to their fans
    But all the heroes will have to go with the wind. If they go on producing all movies with morals and values without showing any negative aspects, the movie may not go well.
    So a hero should do some good acts in his real life and show them how we should behave in society and how he should help society etc. Earlier days some heroes have taken up very good activities like donating money for the country etc and people followed them. But these days heroes are not doing any such activities. They should take up activities as their fans will follow them in all respects.

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    Movies are a part of a life in this era. The film industry is growing day by day and its influence immensely the audience. Not all movies are mirrors that reflects society. A film is made to entertain people and they can send a good message to the viewers, but at the same time it can negatively influence them. All the heroes in the movies are good people, they only do good things and save the world from bad ones, but in real life, there are neither heroes nor villains, we are all resides in a gray shade with positive as well as negative traits. No one will go out and act like a hero to end corruption after watching a movie, its mainly for enjoyment purpose. Some movies give good content and we can follow it in real life.

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