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    Any work may be small for others, but when we involve in it that becomes interesting

    Many a time when we do a job in a small and not so known company, people used to undermine our working ability and even brand that we are not able to crack big in getting better job. But the same people would appreciate if we make formidable progress and good performance that would be applauded. There are many small companies who need good employees to believe and trust and they do not mind paying good salary, but we select branded company and join them for less salary because they cannot afford to the crowd.
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    A person working in a small company will have exposure to almost all areas of the company. Many restrictions will not be there. He/ She can learn subjects completely from each and every section if he/ she is having interest. That will make him/her progress well in her career. But it all depends on the individual interest and attitude.
    But when we join an MNC or a big company employees can't move from one section to another section and even in the same section to all departments. So we will not understand the company in all its aspects.
    So I suggest a freshman join an MNC initially work for 3 or 4 years. Then with that experience move to a senior position in another company even though it is small, acquire complete knowledge and then become an entrepreneur by starting their own startup. If it is not possible to start their own they can think of going to another company to a very senior position.

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    Every one will not get opportunity to work in a branded or MNC company. A large number of people work in the very good or mediocre companies. I have seen some people extra ordinarily brilliant and knowledgeable in even the small companies. We can find out that just by seeing their work and their approach to it. The fact is that just because they did not get opportunities and were not so lucky that they are in these small companies. The people from outside might not see these intricacies and judge a worker just by the company where he works. But that is a false deception.
    Knowledge is power.

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