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    Cross religion interests are not dead

    Many of us know very well that all religions are telling the same truth, though the path is different. Many newspapers and media cry that the chaos among religions are existing everywhere. But it is only in some parts and areas that are also due to political issues, according to me. Yet, many people do maintain good relationships with those of other religions in many places of our country. Though there are restrictions to enter into the main shrine or sections of religious places like Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurudwaras, people of other religions do not hesitate to visit the other places of religious centers in order to know about the greatness of such places.

    Yesterday, I went to a nearby place by auto. The auto driver requested me to wait for some time and went to the nearby big roadside temple. He returned with some flowers from the temple and put them before the photos of Jesus and Holy Cross in the dashboard of the auto. I was astonished to see this and heard from him that the auto owner was a Christian and though he belongs to the Hindu religion, he respects his God also.
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    It is the fact that Indian people always respected each other religion and even followed the festivities and that does not mean that they have converted or having interest in other religion. For many of them God is present everywhere and they do not want to undermine this feeling and therefore pray every God. I have seen many a time in Hyderabad that when Muslims pass through a big temple, they would stop for few second and touch their heart. Likewise when Azan is given when Hindus pass through the Mosque, they also bow the head. Even when the Church prayers are held, Hindus do attend and hear the sermons. All these proves that when there is God in what ever faith is practiced, for people they do not want to degrade any religion and for this reason India has been very successful in religious tolerance.
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    No doubt in that. People will never have problems with people belonging to other religions. I have seen many people being friendly with people belonging to other religions. They respect each other. I am a Hindu. But I visited Dargas and churches many times. I have no problem. similarly, I know many people who visit the places of worship of other religions. We all know about Shirdi Saibaba. Both Hindus and Muslims will be worshipping him and accepting them as their Guru. That is the greatness in our country.
    But politicians are the real culprits. They create problems among the people belonging to different religions and see the fun and enjoy. They do that to get the support of a particular religion by supporting them. The government should see that no candidate need to declare their caste or religion anywhere and only their financial status should only be asked for in the applications for education or job. Then only we will see the change in the attitude of these politicians.

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    There are different people following different religions in this world. Most of the people are very serious and sincere in this respect and follow their religions in a calm and quiet manner without disturbing the other people. There are some people who are even respecting the religion of other people and visiting their shrines also. So far so good but in some communities there is a portion of the population which is blindly following their own religion and not only that but considering other religions as not correct way of worshipping God as per their conception and have an evil feeling for other religion and that has become the very root cause of all disorder and chaos in the world in the name of religion. Some religious leaders of these people are continuously misleading and misguiding the people for doing wrongful acts and this has become a big problem for the whole of the mankind across the globe.
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    India is a place where so many religions are following. Each day people are dying due to communal riots. Some religions believe that only their beliefs are conventional. Some others don't even bother to respect other religions. All these are residing on one side, but on the other side, there are so many people who still believe that there is only one God and he has different names. All religions teach us the same things, being kind to others, do good deeds, love, sacrifice, compassion, etc. Everyone should know about other religions and it will help us to shape and gain a better understanding of our own belief. We don't need to follow or practice a particular religion in order to respect it.

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