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    India is at least 50 years behind Japan in many respects, not just technology-wise.

    When we first heard the name of Japan, we remember the bullet trains and maglev trains because Japan is the most technologically advanced in many respects, while India is far from Japan in terms of technological advances. Even cars like Suzuki and Honda are all familiar with the Indian people. Refrigerators like Sharp and electronic gadgets are also well known in India made in Japan. Japan is the most advanced in the vending machines and robot technology. India is at least 50 years behind Japan in many respects, not just technically but in many ways. With local talent and diligence (because few outsiders are allowed in this country in Japan), Japan is a country that has been technically and in many ways successful...
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    Yes it is the fact that Japan has been adjudged as the most advanced country in terms of new technology, new products, greater acceptance and above all quality wise the best. Even after their country being nuclear bombed Japan choose to take the revenge on positive side and shown the world that it is the people of Japan who matters as they took the destruction of their country more seriously and stood firm on development plank. Surely India is far behind and we are heavily depending on every basic product of high quality. The main reason for India's back long because there is no inclusive participation and support of opposition parties and thus the ruling party at the center had to move with great caution on bigger projects and they are being prevented by raising dissent voice from the opposition.
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    We cannot compare ourselves with Japan since this country is a highly developed country. It had received its greatest setback in the year 1945 when this country attacked with bombs and their firm determination to change from worst to best has been noticed due to their dedication , positive spirit and honesty.We cannot come at par with them because we lack that spirit and we are working in the different directions not serious about our developments. Both public and the government have different plans and with such plans, we have not been able to raise the financial conditions of the public and even public are lethargic in their struggles so that betterment could be seen in terms of their education, health and the financial parameters.

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    Japan is a different country with a lot of technological developments. They give very high respect to quality and they never bother to pay a little more for a quality product. They see that always productivity is maintained. They give topmost importance to production with quality. Even there are any disputes between the management and the working group, they never stop production and see that productivity will be high. People are having the tendency of working hard. These qualities will give an advantage to that country.
    The Indian public is having a different mentality. They want all comforts and they don't want to work hard. They never think of quality and productivity. In case of any dispute, the immediate action that is being taken by any workforce is to decrease productivity.
    We can't compare these two countries. The policies of the governments here widened the gap between the rich and the poor. Corruption is very widely spread in society and no work in any government office will not be done without giving bribes. So there is no point in comparing these two countries.

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    We are not only behind with respect to Japan but with respect to many other countries also in the world. The reason is basically the difference of governance in those countries and in our country as well as the political system prevailing in our country. A country can prosper and progress only when good governance, honesty, and discipline in the public places and public life. Another thing is that we should have a good work output in our work places whether it is a government department or private department. We have to improve in that particular aspect if we want to compete with these countries and want to come up to their levels.
    One more thing that is also to be kept in mind is that we as the citizen of India should consider our nation at number one priority and other things should be secondary. So there are many traits which we have to acquire if we want our country to progress and come up to those levels.

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