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    Five points for a parent and teacher to follow for success of the student

    1, Parents should encourage and motivate their children to learn by sending them to school.
    2, Parents should identify at an early stage what the child's interest areas are, and encourage them to read books or watch videos or similar content related to the subject matter of their interest.
    3, Parents should not pressurize their children to study all the time, instead they should praise their children's achievements and act as a guiding force to their academic growth as well as work towards exploring their child's hidden talents and nurture them.
    4, Parents are the first teacher of a child therefore children imitates and behave same as their parents. Parents should be the one to impact good skills and knowledge at early stage to a child or student`s life.
    5, Parents should assist children to have a clear picture of the course/job and career prospects.
    6, Teachers can offer good career-related advice to the students by consulting with professionals and other specialists.
    7, To generate interest of studies among students, teachers can conduct regular quizzes and interactive sessions occasionally.
    8, Teachers should teach the students to be self-conscious and should train them to recognize their own talent and develop themselves accordingly.
    9, To enhance students' skills and boost their confidence, teachers can conduct regular educational tours, and interactive sessions with industry experts.
    10, Teachers can prepare students to face the stiff challenges of the competitive world and can give them idea about various occupations and their importance.
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    Warm welcome Benjamin to this educational site and good that you have started to contribute. But this forum is designed to have interaction between the members on issues and matters and therefore a question type of post would have been most appreciated. While you have insisted that the student future depends on the good parent teacher relations, there are many issues which can be pointed out to withstand the relations. This forum is highly moderated by the editors and there is no place for copied or imported contents from other sites. In future raise such issues which has the scope for discussion and deliberations so that you will also have the satisfaction of having raised a matter. Nevertheless please go through the help topics and posting guidelines and how the other members are raising the issue and reacting.
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    The author has given very good points 5 to the parents and 5 to the teachers that are useful for parents and teachers to guide the kids and encourage them. The parents are supposed to find out the interest of the kids by observing them and one should guide them and support them in that field so that they will excel in that field. One should not force kids to go to subjects that are not interesting for them. Here the role of the parents will be much more important because they will be observing their children more closely than teachers.
    A teacher should know the strong and weak points of the kids and see that they will become strong in the areas where they are weak but have the interest to learn. Actually, teachers should introduce the world to their students and they should tell them the way a kid has conduct himself/ herself in this society. Mentoring the students on the right path is very important for the success of the kid.

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    There are aspects that teachers and parents to consider for the welfare of their children. Teachers and parents have to avoid spoon feed methods of learning process. They have to see that students to struggle on their own to succeed either in studies or in any other works. Parents and teachers have to work as a guiding force only to excel in their academics or in any other works. Parents and teachers have to inculcate self-discipline from the primary stage itself that helps in their growth and development. Don't keep more stress on marks and give more importance to smart understanding process. Simply don't concentrate on studies only but have to concentrate on overall development of the student. Other than academics, students have to participate in all co-curricular activities for real growth of the student. Support the students in the interesting areas of their learning.

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    As Mr Mohan has already pointed out, I also feel that you should start a discussion by giving a small write up and then everyone will respond to it and then you can also add additional information by giving some more details on that issue.
    I take this opportunity in welcoming you to this portal and your first good post itself is a proof that you will be now continuously working and contributing in this portal.
    The role of the parents is primal in the upbringing of the children and giving them first lessons of the basic education. The initial years of a child are like the blank slate and whatever the parents write on it that remains there for lifelong. Then comes the role of teacher who has not only to teach the child but guide, motivate, and encourage him for a good career in future. Teacher is a great motivator and bridge for the student to progress and move ahead.

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