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    Do you conserve water? If so how do you do it?

    Water is very precious as we all know humans can not liver without it. We need it for drinking,bathing,cooking, washing and so on. It is the fundamental right of all humans to save water and prevent wastage. For watering the plants, we should use recycled water. But many of us who have surplus waster use it even for the plants. It is tragic to see water pipe leaking on the roads. Sometimes, even drinking water which is transported on road leaks out much to the dismay of the on lookers. Please discuss your opinion on this?
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    Water is a very important natural resource that is a necessity for a human being to live on. God is kind enough to provide this free of cost. We should understand the importance of water and we should use them carefully so that there will not be any scarcity of water on this planet earth.
    Generally, we never care for the items that are available free of cost to us. We think we can waste as much as we can. But there are many people on this planet and everyone should have water to live. So it is our responsibility to see that no water shortage will come.
    We have an RO plant for drinking water. The wastewater from this plant will be collected and used for the cleaning of utensils. For watering the plants we started a small drip irrigation system in our house. We try to use water as minimum as possible always.

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    For us the Krishna water supplied by the water works department comes every alternate day for one hour and that is sufficient to have home needs. And for the watering plants and washing, the society water for every half an hour daily is enough to suffice the needs. But during summer the society water gets dried up and we have to depend on the drinking water or fetch the water tanker operated by the private companies by making society contributions. Nevertheless I am always particular about water saving and conservation and would not allow pipe leak, or overhead tank over flow, as we have fixed the alarm so that when the over tank is about to full, the buzzer would alert us to switch off the motor. But in these seven years of TRS government there is no shortage of water, electricity and everthing is perfect.
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    Water is the valuable commodity though we are enjoying the same freely as a result of the same being a natural gift of the nature. Situation is fast changing at least in our country while considering the mammoth population of our country as of now.If we are not cautious enough with regard to consumption of water, we will be facing severe crisis. At every stage say for bathing, drinking purposes and for the nature's call, we will have to use minimal amount of water. We cannot be liberal any more. However, we all need to be serious. It is not a one man job. Some plants such Power Plants, Steel Plants need abundant water to keep them operational. With our prudent approach, we would be able conserve the water.

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    Water is the elixir of our lives. It is the most important entity in our lives and without it we cannot survive. It is obvious that we should take care of it and conserve the water in our day to day life as well as in the common areas where it is made available by municipal department or by any other agency for the use of public.
    If people take care and do not waste the water then it will be available to the needy people and no one will be in want of this important commodity. Nature has given us enough sources of water in form of rivers, falls, rains, oceans etc. We have only to manage these sources in a proper way and we should use each and every drop of water for our use and conserve the unused portion.
    There are many small things and if we adopt them in our day-to-day lives then we can save a lot of water. For example some people use the running water in wash basin or sink and in that process a lot of water is wasted. If we take water in a mug then we will use only limited water and the running water will not be wasted.

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