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    How do you deal with unsolicited junk mails?.

    Getting unwanted mails on your mail box is a common problem which is difficult to deal with. I am sure plenty of you do not want to get overloaded with junk mails.This problem is sorted out in various ways. Please discuss how do you remove the junk from your mailbox?
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    Junk mails are very common these days. Google separates the junk mails to some extent. Sometimes in the process, some important mails may go there. Even after this process we will have many unwanted, unsolicited and waste messages will be there. Google will be doing another favour to us. Whatever emails are important to us, they will be flagged as important. A notification will come to us when a really important email comes. I will be visiting gmail once in a while and deleting the unwanted mails and keeping only the required mails. Almost I will do the same at least two times a day. Otherwise, there will be many unwanted emails. In between we may miss a useful mail also. This problem is more in common emails but our official mail ( mail provided by our office using the company URL ) will not have so many junk mails. There we will not have many problems. Deleting them from time to time is the only way I know. Are there any other method>
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    Once a week I visit the e mails and delete unwanted mails in in box, social and promotion sections and thereby free the mail from lots of junk gathering. What I observed that facebook, twitter and other social media contributions including ISC contributions are being reflected and we have to clean them by selecting and tick the mail to be deleted and then produce. For social media mails, simply select all and delete them as we have already seen the message on the phone. Since many of are connected to the social media, that is creating lots of junk and even the reply to social media posts are adding up. So it is imperative to clean the mail . otherwise the junk would be multiplying and that would be difficult to delete and even the opening of our mail account would be delayed to load and thus weekly clearance is must.
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    It's not a big deal. Just mark them as Spam and delete them. Anything that goes into the Spam box directly you can simply skim through without opening (you need to check in case of an email from a known contact has erroneously jumped there), then delete the lot. In any case, spam mail is automatically deleted once every month.
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    As per my experience 90 to 95% of mails received are junk mails. So periodically we can select all the mail's by 'select all' option and then just unselect the few important ones and delete all either by sending them to spam folder or in the main folder itself.
    We have to delete these unwanted mails periodically otherwise they will accumulate and soon will become in thousands and lakhs and then we will have to search for the useful ones.

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    If you are using Gmail, then you will find all the junk stuffs find a place in the spam folder which you may delete from time to time after a glance. At times important emails also land in the spam folder so, before deleting just have a look and you will easily understand their worthiness from the name of the sender or the subject. If junk emails land in your inbox regularly then you may create a rule where you can specify what to do for the emails from a specific sender. You can choose the option to delete the emails or to keep them in a specific folder.

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