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    Russia-Ukraine war started and main cities of Ukraine are bombarded with bombs

    As expected the war between Russia-Ukraine started. Russia entered Ukraine and bombarded the Capital and main cities with bombs. Within a few hours, the Russian army captured the capital city and it is attacking 11 important cities of Ukraine. Putin warned the USA and other countries not to intervene in their war. If they do so Russia takes revenge on them. USA, Germany, France have imposed financial and business restrictions for easing of war situation. Many Indian students and Indian families got stuck in Ukraine and felt tense situations. Stock markets in India today slumped down and showed heavy losses. I think there will be a steep increase in petrol price after 5 states elections.
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    A real unwanted situation. The war is started. Ukraine imposes a state of emergency in the country. Western countries, Japan and Australia imposed new sanctions on Russia. as Russia started the invasion of Ukraine.
    There may be further threats of going further with the sanctions if Moscow progress with the invasion plan.
    What will be the position by tomorrow this time is not known. Moscow may go further for a full invasion of Ukraine.
    Definitely, the effect of this war will be there on every country and definitely, India will also have some problems. We have to wait and watch. Definitely, the rates of other commodities also may go up in addition to petroleum products. Let us hope that it will not become a world war and the losses will be limited to those two countries only.

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    Very very unfortunate that at the time when the world was recouping after the deadly virus and its after effects the Russian invasion to Ukraine was uncalled for at this juncture and though Ukraine was eager to talk with Russia and settle issue but Moscow wont relent and taken up war. What is the use of USA, Germany, France imposed sanctions on Russia that does not matter, as for the first time we could see a weak US bowing to Russian tactic and the way Moscow warned other countries not to interfere is something done like terrorists capturing other country. And what the UN is doing and who is responsible for men and material loss in the war and how India going to combat the increasing petrol rise after the war escalated and surely we have to curtail our moving out and cancel other programs going abroad for one reason or other.
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    At this tense moment of war Pakistan PM visiting Russia with his delegates. This is first time after 23 years Pakistan PM visiting Russia. If we support America in opposing Russia of war situation strongly, China, Pakistan and Russia may come together and then India will be put into lot of stress. So this war is a headache situation for India. Why Pakistan moved to Russia in this tensed situation is a question mark.

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    Russia is to be condemned by all the countries of the world for starting a war with Ukraine. All the countries in the world should declare non -cooperation with Russia. It should be isolated from the rest of the world. Such harsh decisions only will bring fear to any country to declare war on another country. We think we are developing. What sort of development it is if one country can declare war on another country and occupy it? Isolation of such countries is the best option in my opinion.
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    The relations between Russia and Ukraine had been deteriorating for quite some time as Russia had an understanding that Ukraine and its foreign policies and certain other things will be in consultation with Russia and it will have good business relationships with Russia for exchange of material and thing like that. But Ukraine has emerged as an independent entity in many respects and in fact closed down many of its business relations with Russia and also decreased its dependence on Russian sources and in fact is having more closer business ties with European countries and China.
    Russia could not tolerate this indifference of Ukraine because there was an old understanding between them which Ukraine had not honoured.
    Russia started war against Ukraine in 2014 itself and as per UN data 13,000 had been killed and 33,000 heavily wounded since the start of the military operations in 2014. Since then many ceasefires took place but now Russia has again started the war.

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