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    How relevant are the horror of war and the message of peace today?

    The consequences of any international war are always terrible. War means violence, destruction, victory-defeat, violence. Tribes, societies, and countries have been involved in wars with each other since the beginning of the creation of the world. This causes so much sorrow, suffering, and horror. Even then the war did not stop. There have been thousands of wars in the world so far. There is no calculation of how many people died in this war. Some go to war to liberate themselves, others to deprive others of their freedom or to expand their authority. In the history of the world, some wars have been short-lived and some have been long-lasting, but in each case, its horrors have been long-lasting. The war between Russia and Ukraine has started anew. What will be the consequences? Is there no way without war? We need to think about today's society. What do you think?
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    When second world war was ended the UN came into existence to broker peace between the fighting nation but over the period of time the UN has lost its working and voice and those five super powers are controlling the organization and they say would be followed at UN. In this back drop any of the super power when they stoop to the level of war, others have no guts to stop because all of them are super powers. Now that the Ukraine war seems to sure, the preparedness already underway, there is no big brother to stop the war and simply imposing sanctions on Russia does not matter for that country. The fall out of war would also effect those super powers and they think that this is the time for them to sell the arms and ammunition across the world and US already got big deal from Philippines. So war is business also.
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    War should be the last option and all should try hard to stop wars. But unfortunately, the ambitions and desires of the rulers of the countries are causing wars. Many innocent people will die in the war. A lot of damage to the property and people. There is no limit to the hunting spree of some countries. Russia is a superpower and wants to have control over small nations. Some nations revolt. In this process, other countries also will get divided and the war may become a world war. The UNO is there to mediate and see that a war may be avoided. But there are also some countries that are having special powers that are working differently and making no attempts to bring peace.
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    When some powerful country invades a small and weak country then no one comes to help to the weak. Same thing is happening with Ukraine today. It is not that Russia has done this attack today only. Actually a few years back Russia attacked Ukraine and took some territory from it. Russia's master plan is very clear that make repeated attacks on Ukraine over 2-3 decades and annex it back to Russia. So in all probability the present attack would subside within a few weeks and this time also Russia would grab some territory and keep with it. War is an outcome of political ambitions. These leaders do not bother for the number of people dying in the war and only focussed to their political objectives. The horrors of war are for the common people like us. Preaching peace is one thing but practicing it is the main thing which very few people follow.
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