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    Strange rules as huge discount for defaulters and nothing for sincere payers

    The traffic police in Hyderabad are ever vigilant and implementing traffic violations such as triple riding, no helmet fine, wrong side driving and signal crossing on red light. All these violations are recorded on the camera and sent to the fines department which would send the message to the erring motorist and raise a challan to be paid. While many paid immediately, some of them never cared and now traffic police offered them 75 percent discount to clear old arrears whereas those who paid the fines immediately are not given any discount. Really strange rules!
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    I agree with the author. When the government imposes some fines we have to pay the same at the earliest. Sometimes if we fail to pay in time, the departments will charge interest on the amount to be paid. But the decision of the Hyderabad traffic police appears to be very silly. They are offering a 75% reduction on dues for the people who wants to settle the dues in one go by paying the total dues. I think they need money. Why can't they act tough and see that all the people will pay the fines within a short span? Now the mindset of the people may change and they may think not paying the penalty may get them some rebate.
    This is a wrong policy of the government. Why can't they give notices to all the people asking them to pay immediately otherwise they can cease the vehicles. Encouraging the law evaders has become a practice in this place. My son was telling us that thereafter we also should not pay immediately.

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    It's really strange and through this rule, defaulters are encouraged. Maybe the authorities think that by giving a discount the payment will be made promptly but I don't think this will help to discipline people. Any fine should be collected on the spot or if it is to be deposited later on there should be a timeframe. A rule has to be created and implemented to discipline people and if there is any laxity the ultimate goal will never be achieved.

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    This had happened earlier in some cases of income tax or excise tax or sale tax where government announced special amnesty schemes for the defaulters who had not paid tax for a long time and if they disclose their income even earned through black money channels then they will be excused and just by depositing the tax and special exempted penalty they will be scot free without any punishment.
    So this is a common thing in Govt circles that they will by some way attract the people for paying the penalty. As we all know that our governance is poor and Govt cannot realise the penalty immediately neither it can take the vehicle of the erring person in custody because there is a big problem of keeping those vehicles in some place and releasing them as soon as the person pays the penalty.

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    So the govt differentiation on this matter is highly objectionable to sincere payers.
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    The government took this decision as the dues piled up to the tune of Rs 600/ crores. What else the government can do? Even in the case of black money, such concessions were given by the Indian government.
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    I agree with the author's such concessions shouldn't be given to any defaulters it will impact and discourage those who pay timely and admit their mistakes. Government and Traffic authorities should place right examples by imposing an extra fine on them and enforcing it strictly instead of giving such concessions.
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    Strange rules as a huge discount for defaulters and nothing for sincere payers, it is only possible in our country.
    Yes, it is not new in our country, it is not only in the case of road tax but also in the case of income tax. Those who fulfill their responsibilities as citizens are not exempt. But those who defaulter benefit. I think a class of people does not make timely government payments for this opportunity because they know there will be a discount for us. Such practices should be stopped immediately by the government department. And defaulters should be penalized at a higher rate

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    To hear such a development within Hyderabad Police circle, I am really surprised that even there is the scope of discount for the fines levied by the police in case, there is the default of payment due to some reason or the other. The honest people violating traffic rules promptly make payments of the fines claimed by the traffic police and for them there is no concession. Defaulters can bargain with the traffic police so as to get some concession in the fine issues. I think the traffic police of other states should also follow the same pattern as being followed by Hyderabad Traffic Police.

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