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    Why Google indexing is not subject specific instead KEYwords specific?

    While we are greatly indebted to Google for indexing our every write up made in this site whether forum posting, answers, ask experts replies, job postings, reviews or even articles posting and responses. But what I have observed that immediately after the upload of the content the search engine shows the matters which are generally related to the key words but what I suggest that when we are giving the heading to each topic, the Google should create more categories so that specific headings would searched in the same category. Google are you listening ?
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    Do people search for headings or words related to some specific topic? If you visit the Index pages, that are found near the end, of the book you will find names/topics mentioned alphabetically with respective page numbers and almost the same approach you will find in Google. Whatever you search contain specific words and keywords are those which are popularly searched words. While searching for anything if you type a sentence on the Google search box it will try to find the exact sentence or a part of it and the results will be highlighted with some keywords used in a sentence and not the complete sentence.

    Suppose you like to find out how to prepare Idli and try to search in Google by writing a complete sentence. Now, every one may write various sentences to describe it. Some may write "How to prepare idli?", another may write "How idli should be cooked"? etc. The question is the same but the wordings of each one will be different. The main issue here is idli and its preparation so the keyword is idli and its recipe. Just search by "idli recipe" and a lot of them will be shown. Any subject contains a lot of things and it is impossible to search for anything specific without its mention. Hence keywords are used to make the search process simpler.


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    I think keywords search is more appropriate. When we want to know the applications of a particular product if we type the name of the product and applications, the search will be very specific and you will get the complete information regarding the applications of that particular product. If the sentence is to be indexed, a sentence can be written in different ways and all those questions are to be indexed if the search will go by heading.
    Even when we go to a physical library and search for some subject we will go and search by the name of the product about which we are searching and that only will give us the complete status of that product as of that date.
    As mentioned by Sankalan, if you see books the index will be given on a keyword basis only. If the indexing is done based on the keywords it will be more useful to the person who is searching for some information. The indexing is to do the search fast and at the same time more useful to the user.

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    The Term Keywords are relevant to Search Engine Optimization. When we write any blog or article we focus on keywords.
    With the help of Keywords all search engines like Google, Yahoo Bing etc can reach your Articles. Almost we know that 90 to 95% of the traffic in any blog depends on their keywords. So we can say that search anything in Google then we get the results of keyword specific. It is the main algorithm of search engines

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    Google search algorithm is based on the keywords. Theoretically speaking keywords are those words which would bring you the desired search in minimum time with best of the results on the top. When we write a question in the search box then based on the keyword configuration in the search engine optimisation process the most relevant answer will be brought to the front page and then other permutation and combinations will follow. It is interesting to note that Google goes on changing its SEO configurations and captures architect and even the intelligent hackers cannot fool it to show their content on the first page to increase views to their sites. That is the reason why same search sometimes gets priority but sometimes gets a backstage from first few results to next few results.
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