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    Imran Khan wants TV debate with PM Modi ?

    On the sidelines of his visit to Russia, the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan gave interview to Russian Tv and expressed his desire to have tv debate with his Indian counter part PM Modi. And we know that when the relations are strained, tainted and created more problem from the Pakistan, why should India respond for his request. Moreover tv debates are not the place to discuss and sort out the difference as both countries are having many issues and that need to be discussed with Ministerial level and then pave way for actual summit. Any comment ?
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    Why a TV debate? Why not a bilateral debate? What are the issues? These are the points that are to be cleared for the proposal to go forward. Who will conduct it? Is that Russian TV channel will organise the debate?
    Actually, if Pakistan is really interested in making peace with India. It should amend his ways. They should not encourage terrorist groups to attack our country by providing shelter to them in their country. The PMO officials of Pakistan can start a dialogue with the PMO officials of his Indian counterpart so that the matter will become clear and there may be progress.
    But all these announcements or statements are of no use and they are made only to show the world that they are innocent. But facts are known to many countries.

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    Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan might be doing it to gain cheap popularity. People will praise him for challenging a tall personality like Mr Modi. The interesting thing about this is that Mr Modi is not entertaining some of the big media houses in our own country and these agencies out of frustration are doing big harm to the reputation of Mr Modi though things are actually getting boomeranged back to these media houses. So, how Mr Imran is thinking that Mr Modi is going to entertain his request for a debate. Mr Modi is a very seasoned and intelligent politician and he would be the last person to entertain Mr Imran.
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    By the way let Imran Khan come out with one confidence building measure so that Modi gets convinced.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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