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    How we can improve our reading habits?

    When we study the lifestyles of various people who are very successful one common aspect we will find is their reading habits. They allocate time to read books and learn. They always make time to read, study and learn That habit will help them in developing themselves as thinkers, innovators and leaders. Their reading is not limited to the information that is easily available. They read extensively regarding the subject and that is making them scholars. It is very important that we all should improve our reading habits.

    We should dedicate some time daily for reading. Like we dedicate some time for eating we should do for reading also. We should select a suitable place so that we will not get distracted from reading. Don't keep the smartphone nearby. We should select the best books that are available in the subject in which we are interested. This will make us study without any disturbance. Once we get accustomed to reading, it will become a habit.
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    Yes, reading books is always important to know various aspects of life. If we closely look into our daily activities it will be found that it's almost a routine and many of our jobs are repetitive. Following only this routine will not enhance our knowledge and for that, we should read various books according to our interests. During our routine activities spending a good time with smart devices has also become a habit and for many, this may be a kind of distraction. Whenever we are reading a book we must not use any device and it is always better to keep them in silent mode. Allocating time to read books regularly is important and the sooner we can do that the better.

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    What I feel that one must have close observance technique on what is happening around us and that would benefit us to memorize and remember the things and that can be put into writing form and that would be unique because, your observation was your own and not imported or stolen from others. Moreover do not memorize anything from the books and that would be confusing however note the important points or words and that can be expanded and connected to our close observations of things. This way we should avoid the habit of mugging up and by studying the books there are very less chance of reading habits as we would be more confused than remembering. In every page there are some interesting points and if that is remembered, then writing would be free flow connecting to the topic asked for.
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    There is no substitute for reading and it is one of the habits that is the only way of accumulating and assimilating knowledge within ourselves. Reading is definitely a great hobby and one must spare every day some time for it. Generally, reading can be classified or categorized into two parts. One is fun reading just for entertainment while the other is reading for learning. It is the latter part which is very important in our life if we really want to acquire new skills and knowledge to our existing knowledge level.

    Reading the newspaper itself is a great habit and gives us a lot of information and enhances our knowledge. Unfortunately today people are wasting a lot of time on social media and other fun platforms like playing games etc and are not having a regular reading pattern in their lives.

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    Reading is definitely good habit in the scene that we can learn about the new things which were not discovered earlier, however, it should be our regular passion. Reading alone is not enough rather we should spare sometimes to deep thinking in that line. In that way, we could gain real knowledge. There should not be inconsistent approach either. We need to allocate sometime for going through the new texts and even the duration of such readings should be fixed so that such type of passion does not turn to be a boring task. Side by side, we must have a note book to note down the most important points so that we can refresh our knowledge with these noting in our spare time.

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    Book reading therapy will cure the incurable diseases(which are mental illnesses) not cured by the medicine If not, it will allow you to forget or ignore those...
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    First of all thanks for sharing about how to improve our knowledge. It is fact that books are our best friend. It has many reasons to become a good friend such as books make us forget our troubles which are relevant to our daily activities. For Example, if you want to invest in any property but confuse due to the advice of people. in this condition, a good book guide you on how to select the right property to invest

    Another reason for reading, Book also makes us smarter than others. We have any ways to improve reading habits as given below.
    Always carry a book during your tour.
    Make a list of great books which you want to read
    Reduce your activities on the internet / Social media
    You can read the editorial section of Newspapers

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    Reading the leading newspaper every day helps us to form a habit of regular reading. My father used to get 'The Statesman ' when we lived in West Bengal and used to tell us to read at least some portions from the newspaper. This way I not only got information about the news but also improved my English language skills. My interest in reading improved further when I started reading magazines, storybooks and novels. I feel uneasy even today if I do not read any material even for a day.

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