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    The compulsiveness should go now. What do you say?

    Things are opening up gradually, children going to schools, people started going to offices regularly and most of the restrictions are going away. Yes, we all wanted that because nobody can stay confined for a long time and as the situation has improved the authorities are also modifying the regulations. Now the important thing is what we learnt from the pandemic other than wearing masks and using hand sanitisers? Though we need to use them from now onwards and for how long may not be specifically said but we should not go back to the same habits that we followed before the pandemic situation. I mean to say the bad habits. Of course, there is no need to use masks or hand sanitisers when you are inside your home but you must wash your hands properly with soap and water before eating anything. A separate set of clothes should be used for indoor and outdoor activities and most importantly the compulsiveness to use sanitisers every now and then should be stopped. The compulsiveness to wash or clean everything with disinfectant sprays should go gradually. I am not saying you should not use them but we need to be cautious as overusing them may give rise to mania. Think of it, be aware of the situation and do what is needed.
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    I do not agree with the author as there are other variants looming at large and about to spread in coming days as warned by the WHO and in this back drop we cannot withdraw from wearing mask and following all covid protocols rules. In fact the future is very grim and there is no escape from using mask for ever and sanitizer for sure. The spending is very minimum on this and we are surely protected from impending virus and we do not know when the new ones are about to be attacked. By the way by keeping ourselves safe and secure we are also ensuring others that no danger from outside and that way every one should wear mask and come into the society, otherwise they can stay put inside four walls and need not come out. By the way the cost of mask and sanitizers have come down and everyone can afford.
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    Some habits we practised for the last two years will not go that easily and it is good to maintain those habits as much as possible. When we go out our clothes may collect a lot of dust and that should not spread in the house. So changing clothes once we come home is a good habit and if we continue the same it will be good for us. Similarly while coming from outside washing our feet and entering inside the house is a very good habit and that we should continue. I feel. But as mentioned by the author, when there is no compulsion we will definitely try to stop some habits. But we should keep in mind the difficulties we underwent during the pandemic and we should maintain these habits to have a better hygienic condition in the house. We should see that our children should also continue these habits so that they will be good in their future also,
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    After a long period of being confined at home as much as possible,people are greatly relieved and the grip of Covid is slowly loosening up. However,washing hands frequently and wearing masks while going out has become a part of daily routine. I think this stage will also go away. But it will take some time. We should never worry constantly about a new virus striking us in future because if we do so,we would lose our peace of mind.

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