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    Why some small kids stay with others without asking for parents ?

    When both parents are working they have the need to leave the kids with relatives or the elders to look after. Even when the parents are at home the small kids wants to visit others house who are not regular to the child and still feels the cushion of happiness and live with them without asking for the parents. That is really strange because, little children would not part with mother even for a while and if they stay with others for hours together, then what it conveys to you. Why the child likes to stay with others for long ?
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    That depends. If from the beginning the children grew up with somebody else, they will get accustomed to them more than their parents.
    In common families, children will be with their grandparents and when both the parents go out they will be spending time with their grandparents. So they will be more close to their grandparents. When my son and daughter-in-law gives out their children used to stay with us without any problem. So it all depends on the brought up.
    These days both the parents are going out and they are busy with their official works and the children are staying with grandparents or some others. So they may not worry much even though their parents are not with them.
    I know a boy whose mother left him in his 2nd year. His father's sister brought him up and he never used to ask about her mother. He calls his aunty only as mother.

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    In today's ultra modern world luxurious items are sold and people want to possess them and in the process both the parents go out and work to earn enough mone. Earlier,the mother is to take care of their children and the family used to be satisfied having inexpensive items at home. Children are packed to day care centers and sent to their relatives houses while their mothers are away at work. These children become extroverts and are happy leading their lives with out their parents being present with them. This exposure to new friends should be welcomed.

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    It ,according to me , is because of lack of love and affection from parents. It does not that the parents are not loving their children but they are not expressing their love and affection with kind words, approach etc. Longing children runs to others who expressed love and affection. In some houses parents found rigid in the sense they are making their children with good manners. This simple reason becomes a cause to love marriages, elopes, suicides. The parents should spend time with children.

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