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    Fear is the key to discipline

    In earlier times whether it was home or school there was a strict discipline. Our parents would not allow us to do anything without their knowledge and permission. So there was a good discipline in the house where children obeyed the parents and followed their advices. In schools, teachers had a upper hand as regards to discipline and order to be observed by the students in the school while learning the subjects from the teacher. At that time many teachers used to beat the student and it was taken as a normal thing and even the parents supported the teachers in beating the child because they always thought that this would make the children alright and align them in the correct path.
    Same thing is true for the company, offices, and organisations that if there is a fear of the superior or senior person then only the subordinates will be adhering to the discipline. Though excessive fear might not be constructive all the times but it is required for discipline. What is your opinion about this? Please share your thoughts.
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    Fear may be the key to discipline sometimes but not always. Beating the students for the sake of discipline was thought to be detrimental to the natural development of students and it was stopped long back. A fear caused by such measures loses its effectiveness once the fear is lost. I do not advocate causing fear in students or employees for the sake of discipline. Other methods like motivation and encouraging them by rewarding may be good.

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    The child has to be ruled a little bit. Otherwise, how can he be a 'man'. Do we not risk his future without punishment? The answer is no. Positive discipline is an alternative to punishment. Intimidating, not beating. The child must be taught through love and affection. The proof that this is possible in our country is our social infrastructure. Many countries have banned physical and mental punishment of children by law.
    So I don't think fear will work for this healthy discipline, yes little children can follow it with fear but the future result is not known. Now come to the office administration, there is a law for everyone, so your conduct is governed by the law. However, the word discipline is still the same today as it was before, which is closely associated with everyone. So it is not always correct.

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    Fear or respect. One of these two is essential for any child. Mainly, children should have respect or fear towards their parents and teachers. Then only they will have discipline. In many houses, during my childhood, all the children used to have a far for their father and they used to be close to the mother. If they want to get anything done by their father, they used to go to their mother and request her to convey their need to their father,
    Many teachers used to be very strict. But they used to try their best to see that the student will be disciplined. They were using sticks very rarely only and in extreme conditions only. But students used to have fear and used to be very disciplined.
    Always punishing the children may give negative thinking about their parents and teachers in their minds. So one should try to make the child understand the importance of discipline and see that will be observing the same. Only in extraordinary situations, only one should think of punishing the children.

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    Though I agree with the author that fear factor is the key to discipline but that was over used on those days and too much control of anybody or anything would have the fall out. Some students were of the opinion that the maximum punishment would be teacher beating with the stick and that pain can be sustained. For such kind of students getting beaten is the regular affair and they wont mend. So what I feel that self discipline since the childhood would bring inclusive change in the child and he would behave as per the procedures and rule. Fear should be there to bring in better performance also. For example the opening batsman should know the powerful bowling of opposite team and should know how to get over the fear factor. That is the reason being two overs would taken for studying the bowler strategy.
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    In earlier days children used to be afraid of punishment and were disciplined in schools by the teachers and at home by their parents. However,nowadays corporeal punishment is not permitted. How to discipline the children then? There must be certain rules and regulations which have to be abided strictly. If not done,then disciplinary action such as paying fine should be implemented. Creating fear in the minds of not only children but also adults will not have positive results.

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    Today many problems around us are due to the fact that there is no fear and obviously there is no discipline.
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    Yes, if one is aware of the consequences of not following discipline then the person will surely behave in a disciplined way. Now the thing is why discipline is important, is it only to make a person behave correctly or to implement a system for the benefit of all? Discipline is essential for the smooth functioning of any system and hence one must realize how the indisciplined approach breaks a system. At times punitive measures are taken against children when all other options fail and then the children must be made to understand why discipline is necessary. Only fear may work initially but not effective in the long run as when the fear is not there the same indisciplined way may start. Those who realize the importance of discipline never behaves in an indisciplined way but those who do not care much about others then a kind of fear has to be produced in their mind to make them behave in a disciplined manner.

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    I am not against maintaining proper discipline but through fear, it is not possible. Earlier time we have limited sources to teach any child but now the technologies are changing.
    Presently all education boards design their teaching method free from fear. They use smart ways to maintain discipline

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