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    Life may actually flash before our eyes as we die.

    Dr. Ajmal Zemmar, a neurosurgeon at the University of Louisville, and his team chanced upon to accidentally record the dying brian of an 87-year-old patient. The study was published in "Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience". While speaking to BBC, Dr. Ajmal said that in the 30 seconds before and after death, the man's brainwaves followed the same patterns as dreaming or recalling memories. He further said that " if he were to jump to the philosophical realm, he would speculate that if the brain did a flashback, it would probably like to remind us of good things, rather than the bad things. This could possibly be the last recall of memories that one experienced in life, and they replay through our brains in the last seconds before we die."

    This indicates that we may have recollections of the good things in our life in the brain as we are about to die. One may not live to recount them but certainly, it is a very happy thing to recollect happy moments in one's life just before death.
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    Your post recalls me a novel where the Hero recollects his past - his love, his victory and his companionship with good friends just few minutes before his death. While reading the novel, I laughed at the words of the author and thought 'who cares all these while life is coming to an end?'.

    But the study confirms the creative thought of the author of the novel. I forgot the name of the book.


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    Yes, at the moment of death the brain recalls lifelong memory.
    At the last minute, the brain reaches the right place to realize that the brain was in a very good dream at that time.
    At the time, everyone imagines their own existence by thinking about the past or not, life is very short. Whatever you want to do, do it. Do what you enjoy. This is the lesson of a lifetime experience that we do not understand during life. And at the ending time, they see their loved ones again and again who are alive or dead. I think for a long time when we are planning to go to a familiar place, we think of a familiar object or a familiar person again and again. In the same way, at the moment of death, one's acquaintances feel, especially those who have died, because it seems that they have to go back to them again.

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    It is the fact that our brain is always alive when we are asleep and that is the reason being so we get the dreams. Same way when the person was dead his mind is still working for 30 seconds and thus the waves were recorded. This post also testifies that we have to think good and think great so that our brain also stores the best things in life. That is the reason being so during the senior age, people want to take to spiritual course, so that the mind would be not hovering over unnecessary negative thoughts that would spoil our positive thinking. But what is surprising is the fact that some people before hand know that they are going to die and that is the reason being so they want to see everyone of the family members and even lawyer is called to write the dying declaration on how the properties are distributed.
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    Actually, we all think that the people who are about to die will be in a very difficult condition and worried about death. He may not recollect God or the good deeds he has done but he will be getting worried about the death,
    But now with this latest study mentioned in this thread, we understand that the brain will be active at that time also and will be recollecting past events. One doubt I always have is whether we will know about death at least a few minutes before we die.
    Last year in the second wave of Corona my father's brother died but not due to COVID but some other problems. A few minutes before his death, he got up from bed, He called both sons who were with him at that time and also called his son in law who was there at that time. He asked them to shift him to the open place. He called his wife also. Then he asked his son to bring a photograph of Lord Sri Rama and he saluted the photograph and died in the next two to three minutes. When I witnessed this I thought his brain understood his death.

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    At the time of death a person will have a very small time to recollect the old things that happened in one's life. So he might be able to visualise some good things that happened long back and then die happily. Earlier also some research was done in the matter and it was told that the activity of dying takes some little time but the mind remains active or partially active during that time thinking something out of the then existing memory. This little time and working of the brain for this small time is a phenomenon which may be interesting for the doctors and scientists to do their research but it doesn't have much practical significance in the life of that person who is going to die in next few minutes.
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