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    22 wards, 56 Municipalities, and 230 Panchayats won by BJP in TN

    The people of Tamil Nadu overwhelmingly voted the ruling party DMK in landslide victory for the local polls and it was known fact that the party would perform well for obvious persons. But the big surprise that BJP has won 22 wards in Big corporation, 56 Municipalities and 230 Panchayats and that is the formidable inroad to the DMK and AIADMK bastions as for the first time the BJP could able to register a political win and this proves the beginning of change of political equations in future as BJP fought this local polls alone.
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    The DMK and its allies have secured a thumping victory in the Tamil Nadu Local body polls. The AIADMK has remained second and the BJP has become the third-largest party in the polls. The total number of municipal corporation seats are 1373. The DMK won 946 wards in corporations. The same party won 2,360 in municipalities out of the total 3842 seats. Stalin's party won 4,388 in town panchayats out of 7605 seats. DMK is still the strongest party. Congress, as a friendly party to DMK, won73 corporation seats, 151 municipal wards and 368 town panchayat seats.
    But the wins by BJP are significant and shows some improvement in its performance when compared to the recent assembly election. But BJP has to go a long way to emerge as a major political party in Tamil Nadu. In South India, Karnataka and Telangana are the only two States where BJP can think of some major victories.

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    There was a debate even in this forum that BJP cannot win in TN and this is beginning.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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