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    Usage of English alphabets in a novel way

    I read in one magazine about English alphabets used in a novel way.
    *The letters AB got bored, they will play CD
    *The letters EF got a health issue, they will go to GH
    *The enemy of IJKL is MN (yama, the Kaal)
    *The letters OP if going anywhere have to go in Q
    *The letters RS do like T rather than coffee
    *The letters UVWXY used to fly by Z (jet)
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    Normally the author used to share the best jokes and we would cherish them and even appreciate them. But this post is hilarious and educative also as learning can be made fun and the children gets attracted to such ways. The very first line, AB got bored and thus play the CD is something the children may not understand and we have to explain the matter to them. Likewise the children does not know the abbreviation of GH which stands for Govt hospitals. But the author brought linguistic approach in MN which tells Yaman in Tamil and that very great. And the behavioral pattern also made known through Q. And RS liking T rather than Coffee is not agreeable because TN always cherished coffee most. And the last was superb. So henceforth the teachers would teach the alphabets in new way in Tamil Nadu.
    K Mohan
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    A nice way is given to remember alphabets of English. We all know A for apple and B for Ball. Recently I have seen another list with different items. The model explained in this is very novel. But these playing CD has also become very rare and many children even don't know about CDs and their usage.
    New methodologies are evolving these days in teaching and teachers are becoming very innovative. Probably one innovative teacher might have got this idea. We should appreciate the teacher who tried this. My thanks to the author for sharing this information.

    always confident

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    A light time pass joke, similar of which we would have played during our kid times.

    However, all may not be able to enjoy fully because certain puns are related to their sounds in other languages like Tamil.
    For example - the God of Death is ,Yeman' in Tamil. Pronunciation is near to MN.
    That is why the thread says , "The enemy of IJKL is MN(yama, the Kaal)"
    If refined a bit, the jokes can be enjoyed by more readers.

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    "Alphabets of English in a novel way", I went through it three times. I could not get the crux of the theme. How this helps remembering alphabets is not clear. May be I am not a language specialist. Perhaps, a little more explanation might help non-language people like me !

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    Teaching English Alphabet to the newborn student is an art. Last day when I searched how to teach the alphabet on Youtube I found various ways to teach Alphabet,

    Today I have seen another attractive Noval way to teach English through your thread.

    Phagu Mahato
    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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    This definitely appears as a hilarious way to remember the alphabets by the tiny tots or children but if it is made with fruit names and animal names then it would be more interesting and useful for the children as they would learn some new words also. As it is, it is humorous and throwing puns on us evoking interest for such things as a fun moment in our otherwise serious lives.
    Knowledge is power.

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