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    7th Pay Commission recommends huge pay hike

    The basic pay of central govt employees across the country would increase to 26,000 from the present 18000 and henceforth the minimum wage a govt employee would carry would be 26,000. Even the DA has been fixed at 31 percent of the basic pay and this would mean a windfall for all the central govt employees and pensioners. The date of announcement is kept pending due to poll conduct and basic agreement between govt and employees has been done. So it is Diwali time for the central govt staff and have the blast.
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    The recommendation is different but giving hikes is different. Modi will give reverse PRC to the central Government Employees due to Covid and present war situtaion.
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    These are only recommendations and we have to wait and see whether the government will approve the same in total. There may be another round of discussion.
    In the present crisis position, expecting or giving huge salary hikes are not correct. Many people are suffering due to not having a job. So government should think of increasing jobs rather than giving huge hikes to the existing employees.
    As the rates are increasing and the cost of living is becoming too high the employees are expecting increased salaries. How the government will manage the situation is to be seen.
    The war may also have some say on the cost of living and the burden on a small employee is also increase. So they expect increase/.

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    I am happy if employees get pay hike. Every one wants more income. As for the salaried class,(especially govt and public sector employees) every penny they get from their employer is recorded and accounted properly and taxed as per norms. So the net tax home take income of the salaried class govt sector employees is much less than what is on paper.
    Moreover the 'hike' news reports give may not reflect correct increase amount. It will be inflated figures.
    \The basic pay becomes a huge figure by merging the 'fixed' part of the DA. But in effect net increase will not be same as difference of previous basic pay and revised BP.

    So one has to get the clear picture in figures after proper calculation and categorization.

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    Generally every pay revision will increase the pay of centre Govt employees and the hike will be substantial. Today as soon as the centre Govt increases the salary the state Govt also increase in the same trend. Interesting thing is no Govt can take the risk of not increasing the salary of its own employees. There are political and other obvious reasons for that. If we see logically then the present pay scales of the Govt employees are very high if we see them from the average level of living conditions in our country. Many experts feel that Govt employees are getting almost double amount of what they should actually get. How correct is it is a questionable thing but many people in our country believe that giving more salary to Govt employees is not justified. That is a different thing that Govt has some compulsions in this matter and cannot decrease their salary. So if the salary is increased by Pay Commission it is justified.
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    Since November 2021, all employees of the state government of Jharkhand get 31 percent of the basic pay. I am also benefited from this increment. I hope it will jump another 3 to 4 % in DA after the Holi
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    There are many ifs and buts prior to implementation of the revised pay structure. Prices of all essential commodities are on the rise and also many employees were retrenched during the corona phase. The government has to see how best they can be absorbed. Inflation cannot be controlled due to outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine which would further boost the prices of petroleum products. The government will have tremendous financial pressure to manage the finance. Considering all these aspects, government cannot oblige employees with such hefty perks. Let us see what best is in store for the government employees.

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