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    Dashing across the road when you shouldn't be doing so!

    At some time or the other, I am sure some of you have stood at a pedestrian crossing taking a chance to cross the road despite the signal showing the red sign for pedestrians, or at some other spot where they may not be a signal but we can clearly see a vehicle approaching and try to sprint across.

    What is it that makes us do such an obviously rash act, knowing full well we shouldn't risk it? Is it just the adrenaline rush to take up the challenge and see if we can beat the approaching traffic? Or just sheer impatience even if we don't really need to be in a hurry to get across?

    We sometimes attempt such a risk in a task, too, dashing to complete something without due care and thought and ending up making a mess of it!
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    Foolishness, Madam, foolishness. What else can it be? Knowing fully well the risk involved, we make such attempts due to sheer foolishness. Sometimes we may not be lucky and pay the penalty.
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    At that moment such people who rush will forget that if something happens, they have to lose days not minutes waiting in the hospital to get recovered from the damage due to an accident. They think that they will cross without any problem. Waiting for the signal maybe just a few minutes. What difference does it make? n
    As far as I am concerned, I am the last person to take risks. When there is traffic, we don't which vehicle will come to which side. In Hyderabad city in many places crossing roads is very difficult and there are instances where we have waited for more than 5 minutes to cross the road safely.

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    Every human being is having inclination towards taking risk. It could vary from one individual to other but it is there. So every where we try to take a risk thinking that the returns would be good but many times our calculations fail miserably and we land in problems. We all know these basics but at the last moment many times we take a risk like that and even risk our lives in doing that. For containing these things a good governance is required which is unfortunately a far dream today. So people are free to make experiments at the crossings and traffic junctions.
    This tendency is seen everywhere in our lives and we do certain actions in a hurry knowing well that we are taking the risks but just for saving some time and energy we are taking such risks of in proportionate degree.

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    It has been noted that the registrations of new driving license is in the increasing trend. This means the running vehicles on the road is also increasing in numbers and many youngsters obviously driving very rash on the roads. Many of them are not minding the signals and do some care only if seen the head of cops. In such a situation, we pedestrians should take utmost care in crossing roads.
    Moreover it is read in newspapers about the accidents made by the vehicle drivers even on the persons standing or lying on the platforms, breaking medians etc.,
    This is clearly denoting their haste driving only but not their exigency. Last week I have seen one bike driver who dressed neatly with necktie etc. found on the highway road with bloodshed but without head.
    Unless otherwise the driving persons take care in flying on roads no one can correct such accidents or killings.

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    Unfortunately road behavior by the pedestrians and vehicle users who are behaving more like road terrorists are causing much inconvenience to others for sure. Road should be crossed in groups and not in single as there are every chance of big vehicles gaining momentum and they cannot stop suddenly otherwise they are hit from the back. Normally when the traffic lights are fitted with timing, then there is no cause to worry, but the timer is not working in many places and the traffic cop is also not present. The road users on all four sides are eager to zoom in and therefore the pedestrians are never cared or given chance to cross. Having seen this problem the foot over bridges are being built at important places to make cross to other side. But that is not used by the pedestrians for their own obvious reasons.
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    Yes, it is foolishness, but still, we will do such foolish acts! I no longer do so, though, knowing full well that with age catching up the sprint is dangerous, especially since some years ago I missed a step and had fallen, slightly spraining my ankle. So I know I cannot risk twisting my leg and having a bad fall. We also have to think of our family members, how much trouble they will be put to if we ended up badly injuring ourselves and ending up in the hospital.

    We need to take care, too, of the work we do. Rashness, like dashing across the road, is not a good idea.

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    It is nothing but temptation to cross the road in hurry despite the red signals. In that way, we are putting ourselves in the risks. Let us ensure the red signals of the traffic and giving opportunities to the Pedestrians to cross the road. But even that situation we should be careful how someone can meet with an unfortunate accident due to rash driving of a negligent driver. Blaming the other party would not stop the unfortunate situation. The best way would be to remain alert while on the road.

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    I am reminded of the famous poem 'Leisure' by William Henry Davies which starts with the lines, 'What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare'. So true, but life has now become even faster and no one has the patience to wait. You will find speeding vehicles crossing the red signal and dashing towards you if there are no policemen to keep a check. Even otherwise, very few will apply brakes even if they know that you are waiting to cross the road.

    I think pedestrians should be equally responsible as motorists while using the road. Use the zebra crossings to cross the road and wait for the green signal if there is one. We must always remember that we cannot compete with a machine and so must ensure that it is safe to cross the road before doing so. Dashing across the road, in any case, is very dangerous and may even cost you your life. Police cases, punishments and compensation are all ulterior matters, the imminent results may not at all be worth taking the risk.

    Life has become faster and most of us have lost the patience to wait. But it is always better to be poised. Do not be much worried about time. Think well before you act, be it be crossing the road or anything else that you do. As is said, 'better late than never.'

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