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    Have you ever wondered about the designs and colours which appear on butterflies?

    Since my childhood i have found the butterflies very fascinating which makes me go close to it whenever I happen to see one. The colours are very admirable and the designs and prints on their wings make me really awestruck. I have seen geometrical designs on ther wings too. It is sad that that they have a very short life span.What type of a butterfly with a unique design have you noticed?
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    Butterflies are very beautiful and attractive. Definitely, we enjoy seeing them. My granddaughter loves seeing butterflies on the trees. Many times we spend together a long time seeing them. Butterfly wings are not opaque. There are many spices in these butterflies and each will have a different design on the wings. One interesting fact is that butterflies taste with their feet. They have a very short life span maybe two weeks, I think. The Giant Swallowtail Butterfly is one of the spices in these butterflies which will have wings spread about 4 to7 inches.
    A butterfly will have four wings but not two. But when we see we feel they are two only. The wings that are near the head are called the forewings. The wings that are in the rear are called the hindwings. All four wings move up and down in a figure-eight pattern when they are flying. They can have only a liquid diet and there is no arrangement for them to eat solids in their body.

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    I recall the nursery song I used to sing whenever I used to see a butterfly.
    "Butterflies are pretty things
    Prettier than you or I
    See the colours on its wings
    Who would hurt a butterfly"

    During my childhood, my house was almost a garden. We had many many varieties of flowering plants and trees on our premises. So there was no dearth of butterflies visiting these plants. I used to spot a large variety of butterflies with quite varied patterns and colours on the wings. Also, butterflies of different sizes used to visit. Watching and following butterflies was one of my enjoyable hobbies then.

    (I am attaching a pic of a butterfly sitting on the hand of my little niece;recent pic)

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    I am the close observer of things happening around and that includes watching of birds, listening and enjoying their sounds and our side yard is full of plants and trees, the butterflies also makes visit. I always wondered on seeing such flies as to who made the design, what kind of architecture, who consulted whom, as the designs are not same and different on every butterfly. And what is more interesting that two sides are same design and no change at all. Two days back I saw a black butterfly with golden borders on both sides and that was enchanting to watch as if radium line was made to make us see even in the night. Such kind of species are great to watch with naked eyes and what I do not like that butterflies are restless and keep on moving and cannot be recorded or taken image with the phone camera.
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