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    Importance of Innovation in Education

    Innovation is a talent. It has the power to change our society. We often found everyone is born creative but few people have the ability to improve their Innovation. if you manage Innovation in Your Life with a proper routine you can achieve your target without fail. In the field of education, we see the importance of innovation to new creative ideas among the students

    If you have any innovation in our education system then share it with us.
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    Many people think out of the box to bring changes in life and some even try to introduce their thoughts to the people of the society in order to bring some good effective. However,it takes the effort of an expert to establish them in the field of education and make it a success. Schools should encourage
    people who are willing to initiate such new innovations.

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    Nice post. Our education system must be efficient as well as relevant to the progress we are making today and the challenges our world is facing now. This is the time when we need to promote innovative learning so that students can learn much more intensively outside of the subject matter included in the textbook and in relation to the subject matter.
    The design thinking process can be applied to teaching and educational innovation. 'Design thinking process is a structured strategy that identifies challenges, collects information, generates possible solutions, modifies ideas, and presents them in design form. Discovery, Interpretation, Concept, Test, and Evolution - This process is applied in five steps. In the context of innovative schools and innovative teaching methods, I think teachers will increase their innovation by dividing students into groups and allowing them to present their problems in a practical way as a challenge. At the same time, it will inspire them to think outside the box and think creatively.

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    By bringing in new technology in the education, the learning can be made easy and more understandable. For example having a digi board in class room will facilitate video showing of any subject and that would improvise the knowledge of even dull students. Often intelligent students play puzzle and games of challenge. Chess is one such game which would create best students because there is challenge in every move as challenge in every class. Students always love interactions with the teacher and others thereby clearing their doubts and mistakes. At the end of class the teacher should ask every student as to what they understand and how they reply to questions and that would be more inclusive help even for the exam preparations. So how the teacher understands the pupil and class also matters in this regard.
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    Innovation in every field very essential. The systems will get outdated and with the changes in technology and other aspects the lifestyle is changing rapidly and people should be able to cope up with the changes that are emerging. So definitely there should be innovations on the education front also.
    IT is growing fast and we see smartness in every field. So the students should be able to understand these technologies and should be able to make the best use of the same. So the lessons should be designed in such a way that the students should be able to manage the present day trends.
    There should be some innovations in teaching methodologies also. Instead of simply going by teaching lessons only, students should be trained in such a way that once they are out of college they should be ready to take up jobs in the industry without any need for further training etc. Already some developments were taken place and we will see many more in the coming days.

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    Innovation is the key to betterment. It is required in every area. Everyone cannot bring innovations because it requires inclination and aptitude to find out new things which are more useful in that particular area. In the field of education, there are many ideas that have already been utilized but more innovations are still required. There are some very important aspects in the field of education which require to be taken up so that people can be trained in a proper way and not that they get some academic qualifications and then apply for jobs. One of the most important things is to include the skill-based syllabus in the various courses. Similarly, there are many other concerns that require innovative solutions today to improve the present education system.
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