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    How one can overcome shyness?

    We will be meeting many people in get-togethers and various functions. We observe different people with different ways of behaviour. We see some people talk very fluently without any hesitation. But some people will never open their mouth and they may be feeling shy to answers the questions also. people who are shy will be very uncomfortable in the gatherings. They may be nervous and insecure also. They are more self-conscious. One should come out of this shyness if they have to get due recognition for their talent and skills.

    By following a few points one can overcome this problem. We should not think that we are not good at expression. We should think that our voice is our speciality and try to open up. We should never think that others may laugh at us. We need not give more importance to others' comments. We have to prepare well before we go for a discussion. Speaking separately with the people whom we can trust and taking their suggestions to improve our skills will help coming out of this problem.
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    Some important measures were discussed in the thread to reduce shyness and one important thing is to overcome nervousness and fear. One who is shy has to recognise the shyness at first and then has to take some initiative. For example, if one is shy to meet new people she/he should determine once at a given moment that a conversation must be initiated by her/himself without any introducer. The fear of what the other person might think has to go and it will go away gradually after one or two self-guided initiatives. By practising one can do wonders and initially a little assistance from others will benefit. Associates of the shy person must encourage the person to take the first initiative and after that, the shyness will not be there.

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    Shyness is the most important drawback in many and that stops their most intelligent talent buried inside and would not allow to go public. What I feel that the person with shyness should practice appearing before big mirror and train himself or herself, how to address the gathering, how to take the questions and answers in public. Because many has the fear factor that others would laugh at them and even tease them. But opening up is the must and courage need to be shown. We should always be with those who are our well wishers and give good review of our appearance in public and speech. That way the shyness can be overcome. One thing is sure, those who are well educated, and has been invited to the gathering would never hoot the performers and they would certainly welcome new speakers and that holds the key.
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    Shyness hinders progress of the people and this happens because of lack of self confidence. They are not comfortable with the environment where everyone is participating in some discussions. This situation is making them nervous since they, too, have to share their own feelings. Though they are aware of the topics being discussed, but the main drawback before them is how to represent the matter effectively. They are not in a position to start the discussion for fear of being discouraged by some of people taking part of discussion. The situation would definitely be better if they practice regularly for the improvement of their communication skills living in their home with the help of some teachers guiding them the ways of effective communication or they can start their dialogues directing towards mirrors where they can even see their own faces and gradually they will attain proficiency in communication.

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