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    Russia black mailing that ISIS could drop 500 ton structure on India

    The invasion of Russian on Ukraine, then the subsequent events suggests bad future for India as we abstained from the voting at UN to satisfy US but Russia is having displeasure with India and warned that ISIS could drop 500 ton structure on India, and this is nothing but black mailing and how come White house could not get this information through their intelligence. US is making the lives of other countries vulnerable to attack from terrorists outfit as the ultras have Russian support. What is your reactions on this.
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    They mentioned the names of other countries also like China also. They are of the opinion that ISIS my this structure on India or China. They also mentioned that the USA also may face problems with ISIS but there is no threat to Russia from them. As a result of this war, the USA has warned Russia against new sanctions.
    There is an international space station. This is a research platform orbiting some 250 miles above Earth. There are four NASA astronauts, two Russian cosmonauts and one European astronaut working in that. If the cooperation between these two countries is broken who will monitor that station and what will happen to that. This is the remark made by the Russian space research director. The same person suspected the falling of an object in China or India. These are all warnings and finally what is going to happen is not known.

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    May be Russia wants to revive the erstwhile Soviet Union and proving more powerful.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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